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Song lyrics by Persuader. Check-out these awesome song lyrics by the artist, learn every word of your favourite song and sing it like Persuader. Get one of the 37 lyrics and watch the video by artist Persuader.

Persuader lyrics Video Album
.. And There Was Light LyricsThe Hunter
As You Wish LyricsThe Hunter
Cursed LyricsThe Hunter
Dagon Rising LyricsThe Fiction Maze
Deep In The Dark LyricsThe Fiction Maze
Doomsday News LyricsWhen Eden Burns
Enter Reality LyricsWhen Eden Burns
Escape LyricsThe Hunter
Falling Faster LyricsThe Fiction Maze
Fire At Will LyricsEvolution Purgatory
Godfather LyricsEvolution Purgatory
Heart And Steel LyricsThe Hunter
Heathen LyricsThe Fiction Maze
InSect LyricsThe Fiction Maze
Judas Immortal LyricsWhen Eden Burns
Masquerade LyricsEvolution Purgatory
My Life For You LyricsThe Hunter
One Lifetime LyricsThe Fiction Maze
Passion / Pain LyricsEvolution Purgatory
R.S. Knights LyricsWhen Eden Burns
Raise Hell LyricsEvolution Purgatory
Sanity Soiled LyricsEvolution Purgatory
Secrets LyricsThe Hunter
Sending You Back LyricsWhen Eden Burns
Sent To The Grave LyricsThe Fiction Maze
Slaves Of Labour LyricsWhen Eden Burns
Son Of Sodom LyricsThe Fiction Maze
Strike Down LyricsEvolution Purgatory
The Fiction Maze LyricsThe Fiction Maze
The Return LyricsWhen Eden Burns
To The End LyricsEvolution Purgatory
Turn To Dust LyricsEvolution Purgatory
Twisted Eyes LyricsWhen Eden Burns
War LyricsThe Fiction Maze
When Eden Burns LyricsWhen Eden Burns
Wipe Out LyricsEvolution Purgatory
Worlds Collide LyricsThe Fiction Maze
Persuader lyrics Video Album

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