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Song lyrics by Persefone. Check-out these awesome song lyrics by the artist, learn every word of your favourite song and sing it like Persefone. Get one of the 39 lyrics and watch the video by artist Persefone.

Persefone lyrics Video Album
Atemporal Divinity LyricsTruth Inside The Shades
Consciousness Pt. 1: Sitting In Silence LyricsSpiritual Migration
Consciousness Pt. 2: A Path To Enlightenment LyricsSpiritual Migration
Death Before Dishonour Lyrics真剣/Shin-ken
Fall To Rise Lyrics真剣/Shin-ken
Flying Sea Dragons LyricsSpiritual Migration
Inner Fullness LyricsSpiritual Migration
Japanese Poem Lyrics真剣/Shin-ken
Kusanagi Lyrics真剣/Shin-ken
Metta Meditation LyricsSpiritual Migration
Mind As Universe LyricsSpiritual Migration
My Unwithered Shrine LyricsTruth Inside The Shades
Niflheim (The Eyes That Hold The Edge) LyricsTruth Inside The Shades
Outro LyricsSpiritual Migration
Purity Lyrics真剣/Shin-ken
Rage Stained Blade Lyrics真剣/Shin-ken
Returning To The Source LyricsSpiritual Migration
Sanctuary: Light And Grief LyricsCore
Seed: Core And Persephone LyricsCore
Shin-Ken Part I Lyrics真剣/Shin-ken
Shin-Ken Part II Lyrics真剣/Shin-ken
Spiritual Migration LyricsSpiritual Migration
Sword Of The Warrior Lyrics真剣/Shin-ken
The Demise Of Oblivion LyricsTruth Inside The Shades
The Endless Path Lyrics真剣/Shin-ken
The Fire Book Lyrics真剣/Shin-ken
The Great Reality LyricsSpiritual Migration
The Ground Book Lyrics真剣/Shin-ken
The Haunting Of Human's Denial LyricsTruth Inside The Shades
The Majestic Of Gaia LyricsSpiritual Migration
The Void Book Lyrics真剣/Shin-ken
The Water Book Lyrics真剣/Shin-ken
The Whisper Of Men LyricsTruth Inside The Shades
The Wind Book Lyrics真剣/Shin-ken
Train Of Consequences LyricsCore
Truth Inside The Shades LyricsTruth Inside The Shades
Underworld: The Fallen And The Butterfly LyricsCore
Upward Explosion LyricsSpiritual Migration
Zazen Meditation LyricsSpiritual Migration
Persefone lyrics Video Album

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