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Song lyrics by Perkele. Check-out these awesome song lyrics by the artist, learn every word of your favourite song and sing it like Perkele. Get one of the 72 lyrics and watch the video by artist Perkele.

Perkele lyrics Video Album
1621 LyricsStories From The Past
A Song For You LyricsNo Shame
Always Coming Back LyricsPerkele Forever
Arvet LyricsFrån Flykt Till Kamp
Cowards LyricsConfront
Det Var Då LyricsFrån Flykt Till Kamp
Diamonds LyricsPerkele Forever
Don't Escape LyricsVoice Of Anger
En Underbar Dag LyricsFrån Flykt Till Kamp
Flame LyricsConfront
Forever LyricsPerkele Forever
Från Flykt Till Kamp LyricsFrån Flykt Till Kamp
Gone Too Far LyricsNo Shame
Got Enough LyricsNo Shame
Hang'em High LyricsVoice Of Anger
Heads Held High LyricsPerkele Forever
Heart Full Of Pride LyricsNo Shame
Here To Stay LyricsNo Shame
Heroes Of Today LyricsConfront
Hope And Victory LyricsVoice Of Anger
Hoppet LyricsFrån Flykt Till Kamp
I Hate The World LyricsConfront
I Want To Know LyricsStories From The Past
I Believe LyricsNo Shame
Irwin LyricsLängtan
Leave Us Alone LyricsVoice Of Anger
Liar LyricsNo Shame
Loser LyricsStories From The Past
Längtan LyricsLängtan
Maktbegär LyricsFrån Flykt Till Kamp
Me LyricsPerkele Forever
Moments LyricsConfront
Mr.Streetcleaning Man LyricsStories From The Past
Muistot LyricsLängtan
My Home LyricsVoice Of Anger
My Life LyricsStories From The Past
My Own Way LyricsVoice Of Anger
Ni Kan Aldrig Vinna LyricsLängtan
No Shame LyricsNo Shame
Paradise LyricsPerkele Forever
Politicians LyricsVoice Of Anger
Psychopath LyricsVoice Of Anger
Punkrock Army LyricsPerkele Forever
Pure Hate LyricsStories From The Past
Raise Your Voice LyricsVoice Of Anger
Rebel Rock'n'roll LyricsStories From The Past
Rentun Ruusu LyricsLängtan
Roots LyricsConfront
Sad To See LyricsConfront
Sent En Lördag Kväll LyricsLängtan
Shithead LyricsStories From The Past
Smash The Scum LyricsVoice Of Anger
Someday LyricsPerkele Forever
Starkare LyricsLängtan
Stolt LyricsFrån Flykt Till Kamp
Stories From The Past LyricsStories From The Past
Subculture Shame LyricsConfront
The Disease LyricsVoice Of Anger
The One To Blame LyricsConfront
The Way I Know LyricsConfront
The Day Has Come LyricsNo Shame
Tired Of You LyricsStories From The Past
Trendy Wankers LyricsVoice Of Anger
VISITORS LyricsVoice Of Anger
Voice Of Anger LyricsNo Shame
Waste Of Time LyricsPerkele Forever
Weekend LyricsStories From The Past
Welcome LyricsStories From The Past
What Have I Done LyricsPerkele Forever
When You're Dead LyricsStories From The Past
Working Class LyricsVoice Of Anger
Yellow And Blue LyricsNo Shame
Perkele lyrics Video Album

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