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Song lyrics by Pentagram (US). Check-out these awesome song lyrics by the artist, learn every word of your favourite song and sing it like Pentagram (US). Get one of the 42 lyrics and watch the video by artist Pentagram (US).

Pentagram (US) lyrics Video Album
20 Buck Spin LyricsRelentless
All Your Sins LyricsRelentless
Ask No More LyricsBe forewarned
Be Forewarned LyricsBe forewarned
Bride Of Evil LyricsBe forewarned
Broken Vows LyricsDay of reckoning
Burning Rays LyricsReview your choices
Burning Saviour LyricsDay of reckoning
Change Of Heart LyricsReview your choices
Day Of Reckoning LyricsDay of reckoning
Death Row LyricsRelentless
Downhill Slope LyricsReview your choices
Dying World LyricsRelentless
Evil Seed LyricsDay of reckoning
Forever My Queen LyricsReview your choices
Frustration LyricsBe forewarned
Gorgon's Slave LyricsReview your choices
I 'm Vengeance LyricsReview your choices
Life Blood LyricsBe forewarned
Live Free And Burn LyricsBe forewarned
Livin' In A Ram's Head LyricsReview your choices
Madman LyricsDay of reckoning
Megalania LyricsReview your choices
Mow You Down LyricsReview your choices
Nightmare Gown LyricsBe forewarned
Petrified LyricsBe forewarned
Relentless LyricsRelentless
Review Your Choices LyricsReview your choices
Run My Course LyricsRelentless
Sign Of The Wolf (Pentagram) LyricsRelentless
Sinister LyricsRelentless
The Deist LyricsRelentless
The Bees LyricsReview your choices
The Diver LyricsReview your choices
The Ghoul LyricsRelentless
The World Will Love Again LyricsBe forewarned
Too Late LyricsBe forewarned
Vampyre Love LyricsBe forewarned
Wartime LyricsDay of reckoning
When The Screams Come LyricsDay of reckoning
Wolf's Blood LyricsBe forewarned
You Are Lost I'm Free LyricsRelentless
Pentagram (US) lyrics Video Album

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