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Song lyrics by Patrick Wolf. Check-out these awesome song lyrics by the artist, learn every word of your favourite song and sing it like Patrick Wolf. Get one of the 64 lyrics and watch the video by artist Patrick Wolf.

Patrick Wolf lyrics Video Album
A Boy Like Me LyricsLycanthropy
Accident Emergency LyricsThe magic position
Armistice LyricsLupercalia
Augustine LyricsThe magic position
Battle LyricsThe bachelor
Bermondsey Street LyricsLupercalia
Blackdown LyricsThe bachelor
Bloodbeat LyricsLycanthropy
Bluebells LyricsThe magic position
Count Of Casualty LyricsThe bachelor
Damaris LyricsThe bachelor
Demolition LyricsLycanthropy
Dont Say No LyricsLycanthropy
Enchanted LyricsThe magic position
Eulogy LyricsWind in the wires
Ghost Song LyricsWind in the wires
Hard Times LyricsThe bachelor
House LyricsLupercalia
Jacobs Ladder LyricsWind in the wires
Jerusalem Lyrics
Lands End LyricsWind in the wires
Lets Go Get Lost LyricsThe magic position
London LyricsLycanthropy
Lycanthropy LyricsLycanthropy
Magpie LyricsThe magic position
Nemoralia Lyrics
Oblivion LyricsThe bachelor
Overture LyricsThe magic position
Paris LyricsLycanthropy
Penzance Lyrics
Peter Pan LyricsLycanthropy
Pigeon Song LyricsLycanthropy
Secret Garden LyricsThe magic position
Slow Motion LyricsLupercalia
Teignmouth LyricsWind in the wires
The Days LyricsLupercalia
The Falcons LyricsLupercalia
The Future LyricsLupercalia
The Bachelor LyricsThe bachelor
The Bluebell LyricsThe magic position
The Childcatcher LyricsLycanthropy
The City LyricsLupercalia
The Gypsy King LyricsWind in the wires
The Kiss LyricsThe magic position
The Libertine LyricsWind in the wires
The Magic Position LyricsThe magic position
The Messenger LyricsThe bachelor
The Railway House LyricsWind in the wires
The Shadowsea LyricsWind in the wires
The Stars LyricsThe magic position
The Sun Is Often Out LyricsThe bachelor
Theseus LyricsThe bachelor
Thickets LyricsThe bachelor
This Weather LyricsWind in the wires
Time Of Year Lyrics
Time Of My Life LyricsLupercalia
To The Lighthouse LyricsLycanthropy
Together LyricsLupercalia
Tristan LyricsWind in the wires
Vulture LyricsThe bachelor
Who Will LyricsThe bachelor
William LyricsLupercalia
Wind In The Wires LyricsWind in the wires
Wolf Song LyricsLycanthropy
Patrick Wolf lyrics Video Album

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