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Song lyrics by Pain. Check-out these awesome song lyrics by the artist, learn every word of your favourite song and sing it like Pain. Get one of the 83 lyrics and watch the video by artist Pain.

Pain lyrics Video Album
A Good Day To Die LyricsDancing With The Dead
A Wannabe LyricsComing Home
Absinthe-Phoenix Rising LyricsComing Home
Bitch LyricsPsalms Of Extinction
Black Knight Satellite LyricsComing Home
Bottle's Nest LyricsPsalms Of Extinction
Breathe LyricsPain
Breathing In, Breathing Out LyricsRebirth
Bye/Die LyricsDancing With The Dead
Call Me (feat. Joakim Brodén) LyricsComing Home
Choke On Your Lies LyricsPain
Close My Eyes LyricsNothing Remains The Same
Clouds Of Ecstasy LyricsPsalms Of Extinction
Coming Home LyricsComing Home
Computer God LyricsPsalms Of Extinction
Crashed LyricsRebirth
Crawling Thru Bitterness LyricsYou only live twice
Dancing With The Dead LyricsDancing With The Dead
Dark Fields Of Pain LyricsRebirth
Delusions LyricsRebirth
Designed To Piss You Off LyricsComing Home
Dirty Woman LyricsYou only live twice
Does It Really Matter LyricsPsalms Of Extinction
Don't Count Me Out LyricsDancing With The Dead
Don't Let Me Down LyricsPain
Don´t Care LyricsCynic Paradise
Eleanor Rigby LyricsNothing Remains The Same
End Of The Line LyricsRebirth
Expelled LyricsNothing Remains The Same
Fade Away LyricsNothing Remains The Same
Feed The Demons LyricsYou only live twice
Feed Us LyricsCynic Paradise
Final Crusade LyricsComing Home
Follow Me LyricsCynic Paradise
Follow Me Peter Vox LyricsFollow me
Follow Me Feat Anette Olzon Nightwish LyricsFollow me
Generation X LyricsCynic Paradise
Greed LyricsPain
Have A Drink On Me LyricsCynic Paradise
Injected Paradise LyricsNothing Remains The Same
It's Only Them LyricsNothing Remains The Same
I´m Going In LyricsCynic Paradise
Just Hate Me LyricsNothing Remains The Same
Just Think Again LyricsPsalms Of Extinction
Learn How To Die LyricsPain
Leave Me Alone LyricsYou only live twice
Let Me Out LyricsYou only live twice
Live Fast, Die Young LyricsCynic Paradise
Monkey Business LyricsCynic Paradise
Monster LyricsYou only live twice
My Misery LyricsDancing With The Dead
Nailed To The Ground LyricsPsalms Of Extinction
Natural Born Idiot LyricsComing Home
No One Knows LyricsCynic Paradise
Not Afraid To Die LyricsDancing With The Dead
Not Your Kind LyricsCynic Paradise
Nothing LyricsDancing With The Dead
On And On LyricsRebirth
On Your Knees (Again) LyricsPain
Pain In The Ass LyricsComing Home
Parallel To Ecstasy LyricsRebirth
Play Dead LyricsPsalms Of Extinction
Psalms Of Extinction LyricsPsalms Of Extinction
Pull Me Under LyricsNothing Remains The Same
Reach Out (And Regret) LyricsCynic Paradise
Rope Around My Neck LyricsPain
Same Old Song LyricsDancing With The Dead
Save Me LyricsNothing Remains The Same
Save Your Prayers LyricsPsalms Of Extinction
She Whipped LyricsRebirth
Shut Your Mouth LyricsNothing Remains The Same
Starseed LyricsComing Home
Stay Away LyricsDancing With The Dead
Suicide Machine LyricsRebirth
Supersonic Bitch LyricsRebirth
Tear It Up LyricsDancing With The Dead
The Great Pretender LyricsYou only live twice
The Tables Have Turned LyricsDancing With The Dead
The Third Wave LyricsDancing With The Dead
Walking On Glass LyricsPsalms Of Extinction
We Want More LyricsYou only live twice
You Only Live Twice LyricsYou only live twice
Zombie Slam LyricsPsalms Of Extinction
Pain lyrics Video Album

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