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Song lyrics by Paddy and the Rats. Check-out these awesome song lyrics by the artist, learn every word of your favourite song and sing it like Paddy and the Rats. Get one of the 59 lyrics and watch the video by artist Paddy and the Rats.

Paddy and the Rats lyrics Video Album
Bang LyricsRats on Board
Bastards Back Home LyricsTales From The Docks
Blue Eyes LyricsLonely Hearts' Boulevard
Brotherhood LyricsHymns For Bastards
Captain Of My Soul LyricsLonely Hearts' Boulevard
Celebrate LyricsTales From The Docks
Clock Strikes Midnight LyricsRats on Board
Clown LyricsTales From The Docks
Droppings Down The Floor LyricsHymns For Bastards
Drunken Tuesday LyricsTales From The Docks
Drunken Sailor LyricsRats on Board
Drunker Than You LyricsLonely Hearts' Boulevard
Farrewell To Jenny LyricsHymns For Bastards
Freedom LyricsRats on Board
F*** You Im Drunk LyricsRats on Board
Here We Go LyricsTales From The Docks
Hurry Home LyricsRats on Board
I Always See You LyricsTales From The Docks
Immigrant's Sons LyricsHymns For Bastards
Irish Washerwoman LyricsHymns For Bastards
Junkyard Girl LyricsLonely Hearts' Boulevard
Keep The Devil Down In The Hole LyricsLonely Hearts' Boulevard
Let’s Go, Johnny! LyricsTales From The Docks
Lonely Hearts' Boulevard LyricsLonely Hearts' Boulevard
My Sharona LyricsLonely Hearts' Boulevard
Never Walk Alone LyricsHymns For Bastards
Off The Waggon LyricsHymns For Bastards
Old Wive’'s Tale LyricsTales From The Docks
Pack Of Rats LyricsHymns For Bastards
Paddy's Ballad LyricsHymns For Bastards
Pilgrim On The Road LyricsHymns For Bastards
Place For Hell LyricsHymns For Bastards
Poor Ol Jimmy Biscuit LyricsRats on Board
Pubnroll LyricsRats on Board
Red River Prince LyricsTales From The Docks
Rock This City LyricsLonely Hearts' Boulevard
Rogue LyricsLonely Hearts' Boulevard
Sailor Sally LyricsRats on Board
Sleeping With The Winter LyricsLonely Hearts' Boulevard
Smuggler's Booze LyricsHymns For Bastards
Song Of A Leprechaun LyricsRats on Board
That's My Nature LyricsLonely Hearts' Boulevard
The Captain's Dead LyricsTales From The Docks
The Edge Of Life LyricsTales From The Docks
The Ghost From The Barrow LyricsTales From The Docks
The Pubmarine LyricsHymns For Bastards
The Scums Of The Seven Seas LyricsTales From The Docks
The Six Rat Rovers LyricsRats on Board
The Three Little Thieves LyricsHymns For Bastards
Time Is In My Hands LyricsLonely Hearts' Boulevard
Ugly Drunken Women LyricsRats on Board
Wasted Time LyricsTales From The Docks
We Are One LyricsTales From The Docks
We Will Fight LyricsRats on Board
What We Are LyricsLonely Hearts' Boulevard
Wicked Suicide LyricsHymns For Bastards
William LyricsRats on Board
Without You (I Don’t Wanna Dance) LyricsLonely Hearts' Boulevard
Working All The Week LyricsHymns For Bastards
Paddy and the Rats lyrics Video Album

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