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Song lyrics by Opeth. Check-out these awesome song lyrics by the artist, learn every word of your favourite song and sing it like Opeth. Get one of the 95 lyrics and watch the video by artist Opeth.

Opeth lyrics Video Album
A Fair Judgement LyricsDeliverance
Advent LyricsMorningrise
April Ethereal LyricsMy Arms, Your Hearse
Atonement LyricsGhost Reveries
Beneath The Mire LyricsGhost Reveries
Benighted LyricsStill Life
Black Rose Immortal LyricsMorningrise
Blackwater Park LyricsBlackwater Park
Bleak LyricsBlackwater Park
Bridge Of Sighs (Robin Trower Cover) LyricsWatershed
Burden LyricsWatershed
By The Pain I See In Others LyricsDeliverance
Circle Of The Tyrants (Celtic Frost Cover) LyricsMy Arms, Your Hearse
Closure LyricsDamnation
Coil LyricsWatershed
Credence LyricsMy Arms, Your Hearse
Cusp Of Eternity LyricsPale Communion
Death Whispered A Lullaby LyricsDamnation
Deliverance LyricsDeliverance
Demon Of The Fall LyricsMy Arms, Your Hearse
Den Ständiga Resan (Marie Fredriksson Cover) LyricsWatershed
Derelict Herds LyricsWatershed
Dirge For November LyricsBlackwater Park
Elysian Woes LyricsPale Communion
Ending Credits LyricsDamnation
Epilogue LyricsMy Arms, Your Hearse
Eternal Rains Will Come LyricsPale Communion
Face In The Snow LyricsHeritage
Face Of Melinda LyricsStill Life
Faith In Others LyricsPale Communion
Famine LyricsHeritage
Folklore LyricsHeritage
For Absent Friends LyricsDeliverance
Ghost Of Perdition LyricsGhost Reveries
Goblin LyricsPale Communion
Godhead's Lament LyricsStill Life
Harvest LyricsBlackwater Park
Heir Apparent LyricsWatershed
Heritage LyricsHeritage
Hessian Peel LyricsWatershed
Hex Omega LyricsWatershed
Hope Leaves LyricsDamnation
Hours Of Wealth LyricsGhost Reveries
Häxprocess LyricsHeritage
I Feel The Dark LyricsHeritage
In My Time Of Need LyricsDamnation
In The Mist She Was Standing LyricsOrchid
Isolation Years LyricsGhost Reveries
Karma LyricsMy Arms, Your Hearse
Madrigal LyricsMy Arms, Your Hearse
Marrow Of The Earth LyricsHeritage
Master 's Apprentices LyricsDeliverance
Mellotron Heart LyricsWatershed
Moon Above, Sun Below LyricsPale Communion
Moonlapse Vertigo LyricsStill Life
Nectar LyricsMorningrise
Nepenthe LyricsHeritage
Patterns In The Ivy LyricsBlackwater Park
Porcelain Heart LyricsWatershed
Prologue LyricsMy Arms, Your Hearse
Remember Tomorrow (Iron Maiden Cover) LyricsMy Arms, Your Hearse
Requiem LyricsOrchid
Reverie / Harlequin Forest LyricsGhost Reveries
River LyricsPale Communion
Serenity Painted Death LyricsStill Life
Silhouette LyricsOrchid
Slither LyricsHeritage
Sorceress LyricsSorceress
Still Day Beneath The Sun LyricsBlackwater Park
The Amen Corner LyricsMy Arms, Your Hearse
The Apostle In Triumph LyricsOrchid
The Baying Of The Hounds LyricsGhost Reveries
The Devil's Orchard LyricsHeritage
The Drapery Falls LyricsBlackwater Park
The Forest Of October LyricsOrchid
The Funeral Portrait LyricsBlackwater Park
The Grand Conjuration LyricsGhost Reveries
The Leper Affinity LyricsBlackwater Park
The Lines In My Hand LyricsHeritage
The Lotus Eater LyricsWatershed
The Moor LyricsStill Life
The Night And The Silent Water LyricsMorningrise
The Throat Of Winter LyricsThe Throat of Winter
The Twilight Is My Robe LyricsOrchid
The Wilde Flowers Lyrics
To Bid You Farewell LyricsMorningrise
To Rid The Disease LyricsDamnation
Under The Weeping Moon LyricsOrchid
Voice Of Treason LyricsPale Communion
Weakness LyricsDamnation
When LyricsMy Arms, Your Hearse
White Cluster LyricsStill Life
Will O The Wisp Lyrics
Windowpane LyricsDamnation
Wreath LyricsDeliverance
Opeth lyrics Video Album

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