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Song lyrics by Olivia Newton-John. Check-out these awesome song lyrics by the artist, learn every word of your favourite song and sing it like Olivia Newton-John. Get one of the 311 lyrics and watch the video by artist Olivia Newton-John.
Olivia  Newton-john lyrics

Olivia Newton-John lyrics Video Album
(There's No Place Like) Home For The Holidays LyricsThe Christmas Collection
A Gift Of Love (feat. Barry Manilow) LyricsChristmas Wish
A Little More Love LyricsTotally Hot
A Thousand Conversations LyricsDon't Stop Believin'
Act Of Faith (with Michael McDonald) Lyrics2
Alfie LyricsIndigo: Women Of Song
All Through The Night (with Michael McDonald) LyricsChristmas Wish
All The Pretty Little Horses LyricsWarm and Tender
Amoureuse LyricsLet Me Be There
And In The Morning LyricsHave You Never Been Mellow
Angel Eyes LyricsLong Live Love
Angel In The Wings LyricsA Celebration In Song
Angel Of The Morning LyricsOlivia
Angels In The Snow LyricsChristmas Wish
Anyone Who Had A Heart LyricsIndigo: Women Of Song
Attention LyricsBack with a Heart
Ave Maria LyricsThe Christmas Collection
Away In A Manger LyricsThe Christmas Collection
Back With A Heart LyricsBack with a Heart
Bad About You (with Billy Thorpe) Lyrics2
Banks Of The Ohio LyricsIf Not For You
Beautiful Thing LyricsA Celebration In Song
Behind That Locked Door LyricsOlivia
Being On The Losing End LyricsLet Me Be There
Big And Strong LyricsThe Rumour
Binah (interlude) LyricsGrace And Gratitude
Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain LyricsCome On Over
Boats Against The Current LyricsTotally Hot
Borrowed Time LyricsTotally Hot
Brahms Lullaby (Intro) LyricsWarm and Tender
Brotherly Love LyricsLet Me Be There
Can I Trust Your Arms LyricsStronger Than Before
Can't We Talk It Over In Bed LyricsThe Rumour
Car Games LyricsThe Rumour
Carried Away LyricsPhysical
Changes LyricsOlivia
Christmas Never Felt Like This Before LyricsThe Christmas Collection
Christmas On My Radio LyricsChristmas Wish
Clearly Love LyricsClearly Love
Closer To Me LyricsBack with a Heart
Come On Over LyricsCome On Over
Coming Home LyricsSordid Lives
Compassionate Man LyricsDon't Stop Believin'
Coolin' Down LyricsMaking a Good Thing Better
Country Girl LyricsLong Live Love
Courageous LyricsA Celebration In Song
Cry Me A River LyricsIndigo: Women Of Song
Crying, Laughing, Loving, Lying LyricsClearly Love
Culture Shock LyricsSoul Kiss
Dancin' 'Round And 'Round LyricsTotally Hot
Dancin' (duet With The Tubes) LyricsXanadu
Deeper Than A River LyricsBack to Basics
Deeper Than The Night LyricsTotally Hot
Do You Feel LyricsGaia: One Woman's Journey
Don't Ask A Friend LyricsMaking a Good Thing Better
Don't Cry For Me Argentina LyricsMaking a Good Thing Better
Don't Cut Me Down LyricsGaia: One Woman's Journey
Don't Say That LyricsBack with a Heart
Don't Stop Believin' LyricsDon't Stop Believin'
Don't Throw It All Away LyricsCome On Over
Driving Music LyricsSoul Kiss
Electric LyricsSoul Kiss
Emotional Tangle LyricsSoul Kiss
Every Face Tells A Story LyricsDon't Stop Believin'
Every Time It Snows (with Jon Secada) LyricsChristmas Wish
Everything I Own LyricsOlivia
Everything Love Is (with Jimmy Barnes) LyricsA Celebration In Song
Falling LyricsPhysical
Feeling Best LyricsLet Me Be There
Fight For Our Love LyricsBack with a Heart
Find A Little Faith LyricsA Celebration In Song
Follow Me LyricsHave You Never Been Mellow
Fool Country LyricsXanadu
Free The People LyricsLong Live Love
Gaia LyricsGaia: One Woman's Journey
Gaté Gaté LyricsGrace And Gratitude
Get Out LyricsThe Rumour
Gimme Some Lovin' LyricsTotally Hot
God Only Knows LyricsLong Live Love
Going Back LyricsToomorrow
Goodbye Again LyricsHave You Never Been Mellow
Grace And Gratitude LyricsGrace And Gratitude
Greensleeves LyricsCome On Over
Hands Across The Sea LyricsLong Live Love
Happiness Valley LyricsToomorrow
Happy Day (with Jimmy Little) Lyrics2
Have Love, Will Travel LyricsLong Live Love
Have You Never Been Mellow LyricsHave You Never Been Mellow
Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas (feat... LyricsThe Christmas Collection
He Ain't Heavy... He's My Brother LyricsClearly Love
He's My Rock LyricsClearly Love
Heart Attack LyricsPhysical
Heartbreaker LyricsLet Me Be There
Help Me Make It Through The Night LyricsIf Not For You
Hesed-Gevurah (interlude) LyricsGrace And Gratitude
Hey, Mr. Dreammaker LyricsDon't Stop Believin'
Hochmah (interlude) LyricsGrace And Gratitude
Hod (interlude) LyricsGrace And Gratitude
Home Ain't Home Anymore LyricsLong Live Love
Hopelessly Devoted To You LyricsGrease
How Glad I Am LyricsIndigo: Women Of Song
How Insensitive LyricsIndigo: Women Of Song
I Don't Wanna Say Goodnight LyricsBack with a Heart
I Honestly Love You LyricsLong Live Love
I Honestly Love You (ft. Babyface) LyricsBack with a Heart
I Love You Crazy (with Human Nature) Lyrics2
I Need Love LyricsBack to Basics
I Never Did Sing You A Love Song LyricsHave You Never Been Mellow
I Never Knew Love LyricsGaia: One Woman's Journey
I Think I'll Say Goodbye LyricsMaking a Good Thing Better
I Want To Be Wanted LyricsBack to Basics
I Will Be Right Here (with David Campbell) Lyrics2
I Will Lift Up My Eyes LyricsGrace And Gratitude
I Will Touch You LyricsOlivia
I'll Bet You A Kangaroo LyricsDon't Stop Believin'
I'll Come Runnin' (with Tina Arena) Lyrics2
I'm A Small And Lonely Light LyricsOlivia
I'm Counting On You (with Johnny O'Keefe) Lyrics2
If LyricsIf Not For You
If I Gotta Leave LyricsIf Not For You
If Love Is Real LyricsMaking a Good Thing Better
If Not For You LyricsIf Not For You
If We Only Have Love LyricsOlivia
If We Try LyricsLet Me Be There
If You Can't Be Hurt LyricsToomorrow
If You Could Read My Mind LyricsIf Not For You
If You Love Me (Let Me Know) LyricsIf You Love Me, Let Me Know
In A Station LyricsIf Not For You
Instrument Of Peace LyricsGrace And Gratitude
Isn't It Amazing LyricsA Celebration In Song
It'll Be Me LyricsCome On Over
It's Always Australia For Me LyricsThe Rumour
It's Not Heaven LyricsThe Rumour
It's So Easy LyricsHave You Never Been Mellow
Jenny Rebecca LyricsWarm and Tender
Jolene LyricsCome On Over
Just A Little Too Much LyricsOlivia
Just A Lot Of Folk (The Marshmallow Song) LyricsClearly Love
Just As I Am LyricsSordid Lives
Keter (interlude) LyricsGrace And Gratitude
Landslide LyricsPhysical
Learn To Love Yourself LyricsGrace And Gratitude
Leaving LyricsLet Me Be There
Let Go Let God LyricsGrace And Gratitude
Let It Shine LyricsClearly Love
Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow! LyricsThe Christmas Collection
Let Me Be There LyricsLet Me Be There
Let's Move On LyricsToomorrow
Let's Talk About Tomorrow LyricsThe Rumour
Lifestream LyricsHave You Never Been Mellow
Lift Me Up (with Darren Hayes) Lyrics2
Little Star Of Bethlehem LyricsChristmas Wish
Livin' In Desperate Times LyricsTwo of a Kind
Living In Harmony LyricsOlivia
Long Live Love LyricsLong Live Love
Long Live Love (German Version) LyricsLong Live Love
Look At Me, I'm Sandra Dee (reprise) LyricsGrease
Love And Let Live LyricsThe Rumour
Love Is Letting Go Of Fear LyricsGrace And Gratitude
Love Is A Gift LyricsBack with a Heart
Love Make Me Strong LyricsPhysical
Love Me Or Leave Me LyricsIndigo: Women Of Song
Love Song LyricsIf Not For You
Love You Hold The Key LyricsDon't Stop Believin'
Lovers LyricsClearly Love
Lovin' You LyricsIndigo: Women Of Song
Loving Arms LyricsHave You Never Been Mellow
Loving You Ain't Easy LyricsLong Live Love
Lullaby LyricsIf Not For You
Lullaby My Lovely LyricsWarm and Tender
Magic LyricsXanadu
Make A Move On Me LyricsPhysical
Making A Good Thing Better LyricsMaking a Good Thing Better
Mary Skeffington LyricsOlivia
Me And Bobby McGee LyricsIf Not For You
Mon Amour, Mon Impossible Amour LyricsLong Live Love
Moth To A Flame LyricsSoul Kiss
Mother's Christmas Wish (with Jim Brickman) LyricsChristmas Wish
Music Makes My Day LyricsLet Me Be There
My Old Man's Got A Gun LyricsOlivia
Never Enough LyricsTotally Hot
Never Far Away LyricsA Celebration In Song
Never Far Away (with Richard Marx) Lyrics2
New Born Babe LyricsDon't Stop Believin'
Nezah (interlude) LyricsGrace And Gratitude
No Matter What You Do LyricsGaia: One Woman's Journey
No Other Love LyricsGaia: One Woman's Journey
No Regrets LyricsIf Not For You
Not Gonna Be The One LyricsBack to Basics
Not Gonna Give Into It LyricsGaia: One Woman's Journey
O Holy Night LyricsThe Christmas Collection
O' Come All Ye Faithful LyricsChristmas Wish
Over The Rainbow LyricsWarm and Tender
Overnight Observation LyricsSoul Kiss
Pass It On LyricsStronger Than Before
Pearls On A Chain LyricsGrace And Gratitude
Pegasus LyricsGaia: One Woman's Journey
Phenomenal Woman LyricsStronger Than Before
Physical LyricsPhysical
Please Don't Keep Me Waiting LyricsTotally Hot
Please Mr Please LyricsHave You Never Been Mellow
Pony Ride LyricsCome On Over
Precious Love LyricsBack with a Heart
Queen Of The Publication LyricsSoul Kiss
Rainy Days And Mondays LyricsIndigo: Women Of Song
Reckless LyricsA Celebration In Song
Recovery LyricsPhysical
Rest Your Love On Me (with Andy Gibbs) LyricsAfter Dark (Andy Gibb Album)
Right Here With You (with Delta Goodrem) LyricsA Celebration In Song
Ring Of Fire LyricsMaking a Good Thing Better
Rock-A-Bye Baby LyricsWarm and Tender
Rocking LyricsWarm and Tender
Rosewater LyricsLet Me Be There
Sad Songs LyricsMaking a Good Thing Better
Sail Into Tomorrow LyricsClearly Love
Sam LyricsDon't Stop Believin'
Send In The Clowns LyricsIndigo: Women Of Song
Serenity LyricsStronger Than Before
Shaking You LyricsTwo of a Kind
Shekhinah (interlude) LyricsGrace And Gratitude
Silent Night LyricsThe Christmas Collection
Silent Ruin LyricsGaia: One Woman's Journey
Silver Bells LyricsThe Christmas Collection
Silvery Rain LyricsPhysical
Sleep My Princess (Mozart's Cradle Song) LyricsWarm and Tender
Slow Dancing LyricsMaking a Good Thing Better
Slow Down Jackson LyricsClearly Love
Small Talk And Pride LyricsCome On Over
Smile For Me LyricsCome On Over
So Easy To Begin LyricsMaking a Good Thing Better
Someday LyricsLong Live Love
Something Better To Do LyricsClearly Love
Sordid Lives LyricsSordid Lives
Sordid Lives (Reprise) LyricsSordid Lives
Soul Kiss LyricsSoul Kiss
Spinning His Wheels LyricsBack with a Heart
Stranger's Touch LyricsPhysical
Stronger Than Before LyricsStronger Than Before
Suddenly (duet With Cliff Richard) LyricsXanadu
Summer Nights (with John Travolta) LyricsGrease
Summertime LyricsIndigo: Women Of Song
Summertime Blues LyricsClearly Love
Sunburned Country LyricsA Celebration In Song
Sunburned Country (with Keith Urban) Lyrics2
Suspended In Time LyricsXanadu
Take Me Home, Country Roads LyricsLet Me Be There
Take A Chance (with John Travolta) LyricsTwo of a Kind
Taking Our Own Sweet Time LyricsToomorrow
Tala' Al Badru 'Alayna (interlude) LyricsGrace And Gratitude
Talk To Me LyricsTotally Hot
Tenterfield Saddler (with Peter Allen) Lyrics2
That's All I Know For Sure LyricsStronger Than Before
The Air That I Breathe LyricsHave You Never Been Mellow
The Best Of Me (with David Foster) LyricsThe Best Of Me
The First Noel LyricsThe Christmas Collection
The Flower That Shattered The Stone LyricsWarm and Tender
The Heart Knows (with Barry Gibb) LyricsA Celebration In Song
The Last Time You Loved LyricsDon't Stop Believin'
The Long And Winding Road LyricsCome On Over
The Power Of Now LyricsGrace And Gratitude
The Promise (The Dolphin Song) LyricsPhysical
The Right Moment LyricsSoul Kiss
The River's Too Wide LyricsLong Live Love
The Rumour (with Elton John) LyricsThe Rumour
The Twelfth Of Never LyricsWarm and Tender
The Way Of Love LyricsGaia: One Woman's Journey
Tied Up LyricsPhysical
Tiferet (interlude) LyricsGrace And Gratitude
To Be Wanted LyricsGrace And Gratitude
Toomorrow LyricsToomorrow
Totally Hot LyricsTotally Hot
Toughen Up LyricsSoul Kiss
Trust Yourself LyricsSordid Lives
Tutta La Vita LyricsThe Rumour
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star LyricsWarm and Tender
Twist Of Fate LyricsTwo of a Kind
Under My Skin LyricsBack with a Heart
Under The Skin LyricsStronger Than Before
Underneath The Same Sky LyricsChristmas Wish
Walkin' On Air LyricsToomorrow
Warm And Tender LyricsWarm and Tender
Water Under The Bridge LyricsHave You Never Been Mellow
Way You Look Tonight LyricsWarm and Tender
We Go Together (with John Travolta) LyricsGrease
We Three Kings LyricsChristmas Wish
What Child Is This? LyricsThe Christmas Collection
What Is Life LyricsOlivia
What's Forever For LyricsBack with a Heart
When I Needed You LyricsStronger Than Before
When You Believe LyricsStronger Than Before
When You Wish Upon A Star LyricsWarm and Tender
Whenever You're Away From Me (duet With Gene .. LyricsXanadu
Where Are You Going To My Love LyricsIf Not For You
Where Have All The Flowers Gone LyricsIndigo: Women Of Song
White Christmas LyricsThe Christmas Collection
Who Are You Now? LyricsCome On Over
Why Don't You Write Me LyricsOlivia
Why Me LyricsGaia: One Woman's Journey
Will The Circle Be Unbroken LyricsSordid Lives
Winter Angel Lyrics
Winterwood LyricsOlivia
Wrap Me In Your Arms LyricsCome On Over
Xanadu LyricsXanadu
Yesod (interlude) LyricsGrace And Gratitude
You Ain't Got The Right LyricsLet Me Be There
You Made Me Love You LyricsXanadu
You Were Great, How Was I? LyricsSoul Kiss
You Won't See Me Cry LyricsMaking a Good Thing Better
You'll Never Walk Alone LyricsWarm and Tender
You're My Baby Now LyricsToomorrow
You're The One That I Want (with John Travolt.. LyricsGrease
Olivia Newton-John lyrics Video Album

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