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Song lyrics by Nox Arcana. Check-out these awesome song lyrics by the artist, learn every word of your favourite song and sing it like Nox Arcana. Get one of the 24 lyrics and watch the video by artist Nox Arcana.

Nox Arcana lyrics Video Album
Angels Are Weeping LyricsBlood of Angels
Bitter Ashes LyricsBlood of Angels
Blade And The Petal LyricsAngels and Demons
Blood Of Angels LyricsBlood of Angels
Born Of The Night LyricsThe Dark Tower
Children Of Heaven LyricsBlood of Angels
Children Of Heaven (club Mix) LyricsBlood of Angels
Crimson Thirst LyricsThe Dark Tower
Darkness Rising LyricsThe Dark Tower
Ella Sheena LyricsBlood of Angels
Fate Of The Tempest LyricsPhantoms of the High Seas
Forlorn LyricsBlood of Angels
From Dusk Till Dawn LyricsTransylvania
Ligeia's Lament LyricsBlood of Angels
Madame Endora LyricsCarnival of lost souls
Rise To Destiny LyricsGrimm Tales
Sealing The Crypt LyricsTransylvania
Sentinels Of Stone LyricsTransylvania
Temple Of The Black Pharaoh LyricsNecronomicon
The Ruins LyricsHouse of Nightmares
Transylvania Overture LyricsTransylvania
Treasure Of The Four Crowns LyricsBlood of the dragon
Widow's Walk LyricsBlood of Angels
Winter's Eve LyricsWinter's Eve
Nox Arcana lyrics Video Album

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