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Song lyrics by Norther. Check-out these awesome song lyrics by the artist, learn every word of your favourite song and sing it like Norther. Get one of the 66 lyrics and watch the video by artist Norther.

Norther lyrics Video Album
A Fallen Star LyricsDeath unlimited
Alone In The End LyricsTill death unites uss
Always & Never LyricsN
Believe LyricsCircle Regenerated
Betrayed LyricsMirror Of Madness
Black Gold LyricsN
Blackhearted LyricsMirror Of Madness
Break Myself Away LyricsCircle Regenerated
Chasm LyricsDeath unlimited
Cry LyricsMirror Of Madness
Darkest Time LyricsDreams Of Endless War
Day Of Redemption LyricsDeath unlimited
Day Zero LyricsSolution 7
Dead LyricsMirror Of Madness
Death Unlimited LyricsDeath unlimited
Deep Inside LyricsDeath unlimited
Die LyricsTill death unites uss
Down LyricsN
Dream LyricsDreams Of Endless War
Drowning LyricsTill death unites uss
Endless War LyricsDreams Of Endless War
Everthing LyricsTill death unites uss
Everything Is An End LyricsMirror Of Madness
Evil Ladies LyricsTill death unites uss
Falling LyricsCircle Regenerated
Final Countdown LyricsDreams Of Endless War
Forever And Ever LyricsN
Frozen Angel LyricsN
F*** You LyricsTill death unites uss
Going Nowhere LyricsDeath unlimited
Hellhole LyricsSolution 7
Hollow LyricsDeath unlimited
If You Go LyricsN
Last Breath LyricsDreams Of Endless War
Midnight Walker LyricsMirror Of Madness
Mirror Of Madness LyricsMirror Of Madness
My Antichrist LyricsN
No Way Back Lyrics
Norther LyricsTill death unites uss
Nothing LyricsDeath unlimited
Nothing Left LyricsDreams Of Endless War
Of Darkness And Light LyricsMirror Of Madness
Omen LyricsTill death unites uss
Released LyricsDreams Of Endless War
Savior LyricsN
Scream LyricsTill death unites uss
Self-Righteous F*** LyricsN
Tell Me Why LyricsN
The Cure LyricsDeath unlimited
The End Of Our Lives LyricsTill death unites uss
The Final Count Down Lyrics
The Hate I Bear LyricsCircle Regenerated
The Last Time LyricsCircle Regenerated
Thorn LyricsSolution 7
Through It All LyricsCircle Regenerated
Throwing My Life Away LyricsTill death unites uss
To Hell LyricsN
Truth LyricsCircle Regenerated
Unleash Hell LyricsMirror Of Madness
Vain LyricsDeath unlimited
Victorious One LyricsDreams Of Endless War
Wasted Years LyricsTill death unites uss
We Do Not Care LyricsCircle Regenerated
We Rock LyricsN
YDKS LyricsSolution 7
Youth Gone Wild LyricsDreams Of Endless War
Norther lyrics Video Album

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