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Nightrage lyrics Video Album
A Condemned Club LyricsA New Disease Is Born
A Grim Struggle LyricsWearing A Martyr's Crown
A New Disease Is Born LyricsA New Disease Is Born
Abandon LyricsWearing A Martyr's Crown
Among Wolves LyricsWearing A Martyr's Crown
At The Ends Of The Earth LyricsSweet Vengeance
Being Nothing LyricsDescent Into Chaos
Black Skies (Japanese Bonus Track) LyricsDescent Into Chaos
Circle Of Pain LyricsSweet Vengeance
Cloaked In Wolf Skin LyricsInsidious
Collision Of Fate LyricsWearing A Martyr's Crown
DeFame LyricsA New Disease Is Born
Deathlike Silence LyricsA New Disease Is Born
Delirium Of The Fallen LyricsInsidious
Descent Into Chaos LyricsDescent Into Chaos
Desperate Vows LyricsThe Puritan
Drone LyricsA New Disease Is Born
Drug LyricsDescent Into Chaos
Elusive Emotion LyricsSweet Vengeance
Emblem Of Light (Outro) LyricsInsidious
Encircle LyricsA New Disease Is Born
Endless Night LyricsThe Puritan
Ethereal LyricsSweet Vengeance
Failure Of All Human Emotions LyricsWearing A Martyr's Crown
Fathomless LyricsThe Puritan
Foul Vile Life LyricsThe Puritan
Frozen LyricsDescent Into Chaos
Futile Tears LyricsWearing A Martyr's Crown
Gloomy Daydreams LyricsSweet Vengeance
Hate Turns Black LyricsInsidious
Hero LyricsSweet Vengeance
Hush Of Night LyricsInsidious
In My Heart LyricsSweet Vengeance
Insidious LyricsInsidious
Jubilant Cry LyricsDescent Into Chaos
Kiss Of A Sycophant LyricsThe Puritan
Lone Lake LyricsThe Puritan
Macabre Apparition LyricsSweet Vengeance
Mocking Modesty LyricsWearing A Martyr's Crown
Omen LyricsDescent Into Chaos
Phantasma LyricsDescent Into Chaos
Poems LyricsDescent Into Chaos
Poignant Memories LyricsInsidious
Poisoned Pawn LyricsInsidious
Reality Vs Truth LyricsDescent Into Chaos
Reconcile LyricsA New Disease Is Born
Release LyricsDescent Into Chaos
Scars Of The Past LyricsA New Disease Is Born
Scathing LyricsA New Disease Is Born
Sham Piety LyricsInsidious
Shed The Blood LyricsWearing A Martyr's Crown
Silent Solitude LyricsDescent Into Chaos
So Far Away (Intro) LyricsInsidious
Solar Corona LyricsInsidious
Solar Eclipse (Prelude) LyricsInsidious
Solus LyricsDescent Into Chaos
Son Of Sorrow LyricsThe Puritan
Spiral LyricsA New Disease Is Born
Spiritual Impulse LyricsA New Disease Is Born
Stare Into Infinity LyricsThe Puritan
Sting Of Remorse LyricsWearing A Martyr's Crown
Surge Of Pity LyricsA New Disease Is Born
The Glow Of The Setting Sun LyricsSweet Vengeance
The Howls Of Wolves LyricsSweet Vengeance
The Puritan LyricsThe Puritan
The Tremor LyricsSweet Vengeance
This World Is Coming To An End LyricsInsidious
Utmost End Of Pain LyricsInsidious
Wearing A Martyr's Crown LyricsWearing A Martyr's Crown
When Gold Turns To Rust LyricsThe Puritan
With A Blade Of A Knife LyricsThe Puritan
Wounded Angels LyricsWearing A Martyr's Crown
Wrapped In Deceitful Dreams LyricsInsidious
Nightrage lyrics Video Album

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