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Song lyrics by New Years Day. Check-out these awesome song lyrics by the artist, learn every word of your favourite song and sing it like New Years Day. Get one of the 50 lyrics and watch the video by artist New Years Day.

New Years Day lyrics Video Album
Alone LyricsMalevolence
Angel Eyes Ft. Chris Motionless LyricsVictim To Villain
Anthem Of The Unwanted LyricsMalevolence
Any Last Words LyricsVictim To Villain
Away LyricsNew Years Day (EP)
Bloody Mary LyricsVictim To Villain
Brilliant Lies LyricsMy Dear
Death Of The Party LyricsVictim To Villain
Defame Me LyricsMalevolence
Do Your Worst LyricsVictim To Villain
Epidemic LyricsEpidemic
Frequently Baby Lyrics
Hello Darkness LyricsVictim To Villain
I Was Right LyricsNew Years Day (EP)
I'm About To Break You LyricsMalevolence
I'm No Good LyricsVictim To Villain
I, Machine LyricsThe Mechanical Heart (EP)
It's Alive LyricsThe Mechanical Heart (EP)
Kill Or Be Killed LyricsMalevolence
Last Great Love Story LyricsVictim To Villain
Left Inside LyricsMalevolence
Let Me Down LyricsEpidemic
Let's Get Dead LyricsThe Mechanical Heart (EP)
Let's Toast LyricsMy Dear
MOBSCENE (Marilyn Manson Cover) LyricsMetal Hammer: Decades Of Destruction
Malevolence LyricsMalevolence
Murder LyricsThe Mechanical Heart (EP)
My Dear LyricsMy Dear
My Sweet Unvalentine LyricsMy Dear
Other Side LyricsEpidemic
Part Time Lover LyricsMy Dear
Razor LyricsNew Years Day (EP)
Ready Aim Misfire LyricsMy Dear
Relentless LyricsMalevolence
Resurrection LyricsThe Mechanical Heart (EP)
Save Myself From Me LyricsMalevolence
Saying Goodbye LyricsMy Dear
Scream LyricsMalevolence
Sleep (My Chemical Romance Cover) LyricsRock Sound Presents: The Black Parade Tribute
So Long LyricsNew Years Day (EP)
Suffer LyricsMalevolence
Sunrise Sunset LyricsMy Dear
Temecula Sunrise LyricsMy Dear
The Joker LyricsEpidemic
Tombstone LyricsVictim To Villain
Two In The Chest, One In The Head LyricsThe Mechanical Heart (EP)
Victims LyricsVictim To Villain
Who We Are LyricsNew Years Day (EP)
You'll Only Make It Worse LyricsMy Dear
Your Ghost LyricsMalevolence
New Years Day lyrics Video Album

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