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Song lyrics by NCT. Check-out these awesome song lyrics by the artist, learn every word of your favourite song and sing it like NCT. Get one of the 20 lyrics and watch the video by artist NCT.

NCT lyrics Video Album
Angel LyricsNCT127 - Limitless
Another World LyricsNCT 127 - NCT #127
Baby Don't Like It LyricsNCT127 - Limitless
Back 2 U (AM 1:27) LyricsNCT127 - Limitless
Chewing Gum LyricsNCT DREAM - The First
Dunk Shot LyricsNCT DREAM - The First
Fire Truck LyricsNCT 127 - NCT #127
Good Thing LyricsNCT127 - Limitless
Heartbreaker LyricsNCT127 - Limitless
Limitless LyricsNCT127 - Limitless
Mad City LyricsNCT 127 - NCT #127
My First And Last LyricsNCT DREAM - The First
Once Again LyricsNCT 127 - NCT #127
Paradise LyricsNCT 127 - NCT #127
Switch Feat. SR15B LyricsNCT 127 - NCT #127
Taste The Feeling Lyrics
The 7th Sense LyricsNCT U
Wake Up LyricsNCT 127 - NCT #127
Without You LyricsNCT U
Without You (Chinese Ver.) LyricsNCT U
NCT lyrics Video Album

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