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Song lyrics by Nas. Check-out these awesome song lyrics by the artist, learn every word of your favourite song and sing it like Nas. Get one of the 165 lyrics and watch the video by artist Nas.
Nas lyrics

Nas lyrics Video Album
2nd Childhood LyricsStillmatic
A Message To The Feds LyricsStreets disciple
A Queens Story LyricsLife Is Good
Accident Murderers Ft. Rick Ross LyricsLife Is Good
Affirmative Action LyricsIt Was Written
Album Intro LyricsIt Was Written
America LyricsUntitled
American Way LyricsStreets disciple
Back When LyricsLife Is Good
Big Girl LyricsNastradamus
Big Things LyricsI Am
Black Girl Lost LyricsIt Was Written
Black Republican LyricsHip hop is dead
Black Zombie LyricsThe Lost Tapes
Blaze A 50 LyricsThe Lost Tapes
Blunt Ashes LyricsHip hop is dead
Book Of Rhymes LyricsGod's Son
Breathe LyricsUntitled
Bridging The Gap LyricsStreets disciple
Cant Forget About You LyricsHip hop is dead
Carry On Tradion LyricsHip hop is dead
Cherry Wine Ft. Amy Winehouse LyricsLife Is Good
Come Get Me LyricsNastradamus
DJ Premier, Rakim, Nas & Krs-One - Classic Lyrics
Dance LyricsGod's Son
Daughters LyricsLife Is Good
Destroy & Rebuild LyricsStillmatic
Dixcaple Streets LyricsStreets disciple
Doo Rags LyricsThe Lost Tapes
Drunk By Myself LyricsThe Lost Tapes
Ether LyricsStillmatic
Every Ghetto LyricsStillmatic
Everybody's Crazy LyricsThe Lost Tapes
Family LyricsNastradamus
Favor For A Favor LyricsI Am
Fried Chicken LyricsUntitled
Get Down LyricsGod's Son
Getting Married LyricsStreets disciple
Ghetto Prisoners LyricsI Am
God Love Us LyricsNastradamus
Got Yourself A Gun LyricsStillmatic
Halftime LyricsIllmatic
Hate Me Now LyricsI Am
Heaven LyricsGod's Son
Hero LyricsUntitled
Hero Ft Keri Hilson Lyrics
Hey Nas LyricsGod's Son
Hip Hop Is Dead LyricsHip hop is dead
Hip-Hop Is Dead Lyrics
Hold Do¨wn The Block LyricsHip hop is dead
Hope LyricsHip hop is dead
Hustleres LyricsHip hop is dead
I Can LyricsGod's Son
I Gave You Power LyricsIt Was Written
I Want To Talk To You LyricsI Am
Intro LyricsStreets disciple
It Ain't Hard To Tell LyricsIllmatic
Just A Moment LyricsStreets disciple
K-I-SS-I-N-G LyricsI Am
Knockboot LyricsI Am
Last Words LyricsNastradamus
Let There Be Liht LyricsHip hop is dead
Life Is What You Make It LyricsI Am
Life We Chose LyricsNastradamus
Life's A Bitch LyricsIllmatic
Like Me LyricsUntitled
Live Now LyricsStreets disciple
Made You Look LyricsGod's Son
Make The World Go Round LyricsUntitled
Mastermind LyricsGod's Son
Me And You LyricsStreets disciple
Memory Lane (Sittin' In Da Park) LyricsIllmatic
Money Is My Bitch LyricsI Am
Money Over Bulshit LyricsHip hop is dead
My Country LyricsStillmatic
My Way LyricsThe Lost Tapes
N.I.G.G.E.R. (The Slave And The Master) LyricsUntitled
N.Y. State Of Mind Pt. Ll LyricsI Am
N.Y. State Of Mind LyricsIllmatic
Nas Is Coming LyricsIt Was Written
Nas Is Like LyricsI Am
Nastradamus LyricsNastradamus
Nazarts Savage LyricsStreets disciple
New World LyricsNastradamus
No Idea's Original LyricsThe Lost Tapes
No Introduction LyricsLife Is Good
No One Else In The Room LyricsStreets disciple
Not Going Back LyricsHip hop is dead
Nothing Lasts Forever LyricsThe Lost Tapes
One Love LyricsIllmatic
One Mic LyricsStillmatic
One Time 4 Your Mind LyricsIllmatic
Play On Playa LyricsHip hop is dead
Poppa Was A Playa LyricsThe Lost Tapes
Proclamation LyricsUntitled
Project Roach LyricsUntitled
Project Window LyricsNastradamus
Purple LyricsThe Lost Tapes
Queens Get The Money LyricsUntitled
Quiet Niggas LyricsNastradamus
Reach Out Ft. Mary J. Blige LyricsLife Is Good
Reason LyricsStreets disciple
Remember The Time LyricsStreets disciple
Represent LyricsIllmatic
Rest Of My Live LyricsStreets disciple
Revolutionary Warfare LyricsGod's Son
Rewind LyricsStillmatic
Roses Ft.Nikki Flores LyricsLife Is Good
Rule LyricsStillmatic
Sekou Storry LyricsStreets disciple
Shine On LyricsHip hop is dead
Shoot 'Em Up LyricsNastradamus
Sly Fox LyricsUntitled
Small World LyricsI Am
Smokin' LyricsStillmatic
Some Of Us Have Angels LyricsNastradamus
Stay LyricsLife Is Good
Still Dreaming LyricsHip hop is dead
Stillmatic (The Intro) LyricsStillmatic
Street Dreams LyricsIt Was Written
Streets Disciple LyricsStreets disciple
Suicide Boune LyricsStreets disciple
Summer On Smash Ft. Miguel & Swizz Beatz LyricsLife Is Good
Surviving The Times Lyrics
Take It In Blood LyricsIt Was Written
Testify LyricsUntitled
The Black Bond LyricsLife Is Good
The Cross LyricsGod's Son
The Don Lyrics
The Flyest LyricsStillmatic
The Genesis LyricsIllmatic
The Making Of A Perfec Bitch LyricsStreets disciple
The Message LyricsIt Was Written
The Outcome LyricsNastradamus
The Prediction LyricsNastradamus
The Set Up LyricsIt Was Written
The World Is Yours LyricsIllmatic
Thefis Theme LyricsStreets disciple
These Are Our Heroes LyricsStreets disciple
Thugz Mansion (N. Y.) LyricsGod's Son
Trust LyricsLife Is Good
U Gotta Love It LyricsThe Lost Tapes
Undying Love LyricsI Am
Untitled LyricsUntitled
Virgo LyricsStreets disciple
War LyricsStreets disciple
Warrior Song LyricsGod's Son
Watch Dem Niggas LyricsIt Was Written
We Will Survive LyricsI Am
We're Not Alone LyricsUntitled
What Goes Around LyricsStillmatic
Where Are They Now,,, LyricsHip hop is dead
Where Yall At LyricsHip hop is dead
Where's The Love Ft.Cocaine80's LyricsLife Is Good
Who Killed It LyricsHip hop is dead
World's An Addiction Ft. Anthony Hamilton LyricsLife Is Good
Ya'll My Niggas LyricsUntitled
You Can't Stop Us Now LyricsUntitled
You Cant Kill Me LyricsHip hop is dead
You Knw My Style LyricsStreets disciple
You Owe Me LyricsNastradamus
You Won't See Me Tonight LyricsI Am
You Wouldn't Understand Ft. Victoria Monet LyricsLife Is Good
You're The Man LyricsStillmatic
Zone Out LyricsGod's Son
Nas lyrics Video Album

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