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Song lyrics by Narnia. Check-out these awesome song lyrics by the artist, learn every word of your favourite song and sing it like Narnia. Get one of the 55 lyrics and watch the video by artist Narnia.

Narnia lyrics Video Album
Aiming Higher LyricsEnter the Gate
Angels Are Crying LyricsDesert Land
Another World LyricsEnter the Gate
Armageddon LyricsCourse of a Generation
Back From Hell LyricsThe Great Fall
Behind The Curtain LyricsCourse of a Generation
Break The Chains LyricsAwakening
Course Of A Generation LyricsCourse of a Generation
Dangerous Game LyricsLong Live the King
Desert Land LyricsThe Great Fall
Enter The Gate LyricsEnter the Gate
Falling From The Throne LyricsDesert Land
Gates Of Cair Paravel (Introduction) LyricsLong Live the King
Ground Zero LyricsThe Great Fall
Heavenly Love LyricsAwakening
Inner Sanctum LyricsDesert Land
Innocent Blood LyricsThe Great Fall
Into This Game LyricsEnter the Gate
Judgement Day LyricsThe Great Fall
Kings Will Come LyricsCourse of a Generation
Living Water LyricsLong Live the King
Long Live The King LyricsLong Live the King
Miles Away LyricsCourse of a Generation
Misty Morning LyricsDesert Land
No More Shadows From The Past LyricsAwakening
No Time To Lose LyricsThe Great Fall
One Way To Freedom LyricsCourse of a Generation
People Of The Bloodred Cross LyricsEnter the Gate
Rain LyricsCourse of a Generation
Revolution Of Mother Earth LyricsDesert Land
Sail Around The World LyricsCourse of a Generation
Scared LyricsCourse of a Generation
Shadowlands (Outro) LyricsLong Live the King
Shelter Through The Pain LyricsLong Live the King
Show All The World LyricsEnter the Gate
Sign Of The Time LyricsAwakening
Star Over Bethlehem LyricsLong Live the King
Take Me Home LyricsEnter the Gate
The Awakening LyricsAwakening
The Countdown Has Begun LyricsThe Great Fall
The Great Fall Of Man LyricsThe Great Fall
The Light At The End Of The Tunnel LyricsDesert Land
The Lost Son LyricsLong Live the King
The Man From Nazareth LyricsEnter the Gate
The Mission LyricsLong Live the King
The Return Of Aslan LyricsAwakening
The Witch And The Lion LyricsDesert Land
This Is My Life LyricsEnter the Gate
Time Of Changes LyricsAwakening
Touch From You LyricsAwakening
Trapped In This Age LyricsDesert Land
Walking The Wire LyricsDesert Land
War Preludium LyricsThe Great Fall
What You Give Is What You Get LyricsLong Live the King
When The Stars Are Falling LyricsCourse of a Generation
Narnia lyrics Video Album

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