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Song lyrics by Myrath. Check-out these awesome song lyrics by the artist, learn every word of your favourite song and sing it like Myrath. Get one of the 37 lyrics and watch the video by artist Myrath.

Myrath lyrics Video Album
All My Fears LyricsHope
Believer LyricsLegacy/ميراث
Beyond The Stars LyricsTales Of Sands
Braving The Seas LyricsTales Of Sands
Confession LyricsHope
Dawn Within LyricsTales Of Sands
Desert Call LyricsDesert Call
Duat LyricsLegacy/ميراث
Empty World LyricsDesert Call
Endure The Silence LyricsLegacy/ميراث
Fade Away LyricsHope
Forever & A Day LyricsDesert Call
Get Your Freedom Back LyricsLegacy/ميراث
Hope LyricsHope
I Want To Die LyricsLegacy/ميراث
Ironic Destiny LyricsDesert Call
Last Breath LyricsHope
Madness LyricsDesert Call
Memories LyricsDesert Call
Merciless Times LyricsTales Of Sands
My Inner War LyricsHope
No Turning Back LyricsDesert Call
Nobody's Lives LyricsLegacy/ميراث
Requiem For A Goodbye LyricsTales Of Sands
Seven Sins LyricsHope
Shockwave LyricsDesert Call
Silent Cries LyricsDesert Call
Sour Sigh LyricsTales Of Sands
Storm Of Lies LyricsLegacy/ميراث
Tales Of The Sands LyricsTales Of Sands
Tempests Of Sorrows LyricsDesert Call
The Needle LyricsLegacy/ميراث
The Unburnt LyricsLegacy/ميراث
Through Your Eyes LyricsLegacy/ميراث
Time To Grow LyricsTales Of Sands
Under Siege LyricsTales Of Sands
Wide Shut LyricsTales Of Sands
Myrath lyrics Video Album

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