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Song lyrics by Morta Skuld. Check-out these awesome song lyrics by the artist, learn every word of your favourite song and sing it like Morta Skuld. Get one of the 41 lyrics and watch the video by artist Morta Skuld.

Morta Skuld lyrics Video Album
A Century Of Ruins LyricsAs Humanity Fades
Awakening Destiny LyricsAs Humanity Fades
Bitter Remembrance LyricsFor All Eternity
Burning Daylight LyricsFor All Eternity
Consuming Existence LyricsDying Remains
Crawl Inside LyricsFor All Eternity
Daying Remains LyricsDying Remains
Devoured Fears LyricsDying Remains
Different Breeds LyricsAs Humanity Fades
For All Eternity LyricsFor All Eternity
Germ Farm (Dr. Shrinker Cover) LyricsFor All Eternity
Hatred Creation LyricsDying Remains
Humanity's Lost LyricsAs Humanity Fades
If I Survive LyricsSurface
In Nothing We Trust LyricsSurface
In The Shadows LyricsAs Humanity Fades
Justify LyricsFor All Eternity
Lifeless LyricsDying Remains
Lords Of Discipline LyricsSurface
No World Escape LyricsAs Humanity Fades
Paradise Of The Masses LyricsAs Humanity Fades
Presumed Dead LyricsDying Remains
Relics LyricsAs Humanity Fades
Rotting Ways LyricsDying Remains
Sanctuary Denied LyricsAs Humanity Fades
Save Yourself LyricsSurface
Scarred LyricsDying Remains
Second Thought LyricsFor All Eternity
Surface LyricsSurface
Tears Of A Fallen Race LyricsFor All Eternity
The Anger In Disguise LyricsSurface
The Bleeding Heart LyricsFor All Eternity
The Killing Machines LyricsSurface
The Sorrow Fields LyricsAs Humanity Fades
The Vicious Circle LyricsFor All Eternity
Through Obscurity LyricsAs Humanity Fades
Time Will Never Forget LyricsSurface
Unknown Emotions LyricsAs Humanity Fades
Useless To Mankind LyricsDying Remains
Withering Seclusion LyricsDying Remains
Without Sin LyricsDying Remains
Morta Skuld lyrics Video Album

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