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Song lyrics by Midnight Sun. Check-out these awesome song lyrics by the artist, learn every word of your favourite song and sing it like Midnight Sun. Get one of the 49 lyrics and watch the video by artist Midnight Sun.

Midnight Sun lyrics Video Album
Above & Beyond (Intro) LyricsAbove & Beyond
All I Want LyricsAnother World
Another World (Intro) LyricsAnother World
Ave Maria LyricsNemesis
Bad Blood LyricsAbove & Beyond
Black Night LyricsAnother World
Conceal LyricsNemesis
Conqueror LyricsNemesis
Deception Of Evil LyricsAbove & Beyond
Deep In My Heart LyricsAnother World
Distorted Eyes LyricsMetal Machine
Don't Get Me Wrong LyricsAbove & Beyond
Dreams LyricsNemesis
Dungeons Of Steel LyricsMetal Machine
Endlessly LyricsAbove & Beyond
Eye Of The Beholder LyricsAbove & Beyond
Fight LyricsMetal Machine
Front-Page News LyricsAnother World
Hey LyricsAbove & Beyond
Hold Me Back LyricsAnother World
I Believe LyricsAbove & Beyond
I Don't Know LyricsNemesis
Innocent LyricsNemesis
Keep On Pushing LyricsAbove & Beyond
Keeper Of The Gate LyricsMetal Machine
King Of Broken Hearts LyricsNemesis
Kissed By An Angel LyricsAbove & Beyond
Living On The Edge LyricsNemesis
Looking For Love LyricsAnother World
Metal Gods LyricsMetal Machine
Metal Machine LyricsMetal Machine
Metal Will Stand Tall LyricsMetal Machine
Moneymaker LyricsAnother World
Mortal Man LyricsNemesis
Name Of Love LyricsAnother World
Nemesis LyricsNemesis
No Way Out LyricsAnother World
On N' On LyricsAnother World
Over And Over LyricsAnother World
Power Of Greed LyricsAnother World
Reality LyricsAbove & Beyond
Resurrection LyricsNemesis
Seven Doors Hotel LyricsNemesis
Steel To Steel LyricsMetal Machine
Tears In My Eyes LyricsAbove & Beyond
Temple Of The Graal LyricsMetal Machine
Watch Out LyricsNemesis
You And I LyricsNemesis
Your Blood Burns In Hell LyricsMetal Machine
Midnight Sun lyrics Video Album

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