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Song lyrics by Metalium. Check-out these awesome song lyrics by the artist, learn every word of your favourite song and sing it like Metalium. Get one of the 87 lyrics and watch the video by artist Metalium.

Metalium lyrics Video Album
Accused To Be A Witch LyricsHero Nation
Are We Alone LyricsGrounded (Chapter VIII)
As One (Finale) LyricsAs One (Chapter IV)"
Astral Avatar LyricsAs One (Chapter IV)"
At Armageddon LyricsIncubus (Chapter VII)"
Athena LyricsAs One (Chapter IV)"
Atrocity LyricsDemons of Insanity
BREAK THE SPELL LyricsMillennium Metal
Borrowed Time LyricsGrounded (Chapter VIII)
Break Out LyricsState Of Triumph
Crossroad Overload LyricsGrounded (Chapter VIII)
Cyber Horizon LyricsDemons of Insanity
DREAM OF DOOM LyricsMillennium Metal
Dare LyricsNothing to Undo
Demons Of Insanity LyricsDemons of Insanity
Destiny LyricsDemons of Insanity
Earth In Pain LyricsDemons of Insanity
Elements LyricsState Of Triumph
Endless Believer LyricsDemons of Insanity
Erania LyricsState Of Triumph
Eye Of The Storm LyricsState Of Triumph
FIGHT LyricsMillennium Metal
FREE FOREVER LyricsMillennium Metal
Falling Into Darkness LyricsGrounded (Chapter VIII)
Fate Conquered The Power LyricsHero Nation
Find Out LyricsAs One (Chapter IV)"
Follow The Sign LyricsNothing to Undo
Gates LyricsIncubus (Chapter VII)"
Goddess Of Love And Pain LyricsAs One (Chapter IV)"
Heavy Metal LyricsGrounded (Chapter VIII)
Hellfire LyricsIncubus (Chapter VII)"
Hero Nation LyricsHero Nation
Heroes Failed LyricsNothing to Undo
Illuminated (Opus One) LyricsAs One (Chapter IV)"
In The Name Of Blood LyricsHero Nation
Incubus LyricsIncubus (Chapter VII)"
Infinite Love LyricsHero Nation
Inner Sight LyricsState Of Triumph
Light Of Day LyricsGrounded (Chapter VIII)
Lonely LyricsGrounded (Chapter VIII)
METALIANS LyricsMillennium Metal
METALIUM LyricsMillennium Metal
METAMORPHOSIS LyricsMillennium Metal
Meaning Of Light LyricsAs One (Chapter IV)"
Meet Your Maker LyricsIncubus (Chapter VII)"
Mental Blindness LyricsNothing to Undo
Mindless LyricsNothing to Undo
Mother Earth LyricsDemons of Insanity
Never Die LyricsIncubus (Chapter VII)"
No One Will Save You LyricsAs One (Chapter IV)"
Odins Spell LyricsHero Nation
Odyssey LyricsHero Nation
Once Loyal LyricsGrounded (Chapter VIII)
One By One LyricsDemons of Insanity
Out Of The Silence LyricsDemons of Insanity
PILGRIMAGE LyricsMillennium Metal
Pain Crawls In The Night LyricsAs One (Chapter IV)"
Pay The Fee LyricsGrounded (Chapter VIII)
Power Strikes The Earth LyricsAs One (Chapter IV)"
Power Of Time LyricsDemons of Insanity
Prophecy LyricsState Of Triumph
REVELATION LyricsMillennium Metal
Rasputin LyricsHero Nation
Resurrection LyricsIncubus (Chapter VII)"
Revenge Of Tizona LyricsHero Nation
Ride On LyricsDemons of Insanity
STRIKE DOWN THE HEATHEN LyricsMillennium Metal
Sanity LyricsIncubus (Chapter VII)"
Show Must Go On (Queen Cover) LyricsNothing to Undo
Silence Of The Night LyricsDemons of Insanity
Sky Is Falling LyricsDemons of Insanity
Slavery LyricsGrounded (Chapter VIII)
Source Of Souls Intro LyricsHero Nation
Spineless Scum LyricsNothing to Undo
Spirits LyricsNothing to Undo
State Of Triumph LyricsState Of Triumph
Steel Avenger LyricsState Of Triumph
Straight Into Hell LyricsNothing to Undo
Stygian Flames LyricsState Of Triumph
Take Me Higher LyricsIncubus (Chapter VII)"
Throne In The Sky LyricsHero Nation
Trust Intro LyricsIncubus (Chapter VII)"
Visions Of Paradise LyricsDemons of Insanity
Void Of Fire LyricsMillennium Metal
Warrior LyricsAs One (Chapter IV)"
Way Home LyricsNothing to Undo
Years Of Darion LyricsState Of Triumph
Metalium lyrics Video Album

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