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Song lyrics by Mesmerize. Check-out these awesome song lyrics by the artist, learn every word of your favourite song and sing it like Mesmerize. Get one of the 37 lyrics and watch the video by artist Mesmerize.

Mesmerize lyrics Video Album
Argos Died Twice LyricsOff the Beaten Path
Bitter Crop LyricsStainless
Bloody Mary LyricsStainless
Chains Of Life LyricsVultures Paradise
Children Of Reality LyricsTales of Wonder
Chorus Of The Rain LyricsTales of Wonder
Danse Macabre LyricsTales of Wonder
Die Young (Black Sabbath Cover) LyricsVultures Paradise
Doom Of The Darksword LyricsOff the Beaten Path
Field Of Heroes LyricsStainless
Flatliners LyricsTales of Wonder
Forging The Darksword LyricsTales of Wonder
Gates Of Mercy LyricsOff the Beaten Path
Hell On Wheels LyricsTales of Wonder
Hot Lead, Cold Steel LyricsStainless
Impossible Infinity LyricsStainless
Jail TV LyricsOff the Beaten Path
King Of Terror LyricsOff the Beaten Path
Lure Of The Temptress LyricsStainless
Off The Beaten Path LyricsOff the Beaten Path
Overdoze LyricsOff the Beaten Path
Pit Of Charming Snakes LyricsOff the Beaten Path
Princess Of The Wolves LyricsStainless
Ragnarök LyricsTales of Wonder
Screams Of A Dying World LyricsVultures Paradise
Sea Of Lies LyricsTales of Wonder
The Burn LyricsStainless
The Cube LyricsVultures Paradise
The Werewolf LyricsTales of Wonder
Tierra Santa (Tierra Santa Cover) LyricsVultures Paradise
Triumph Of The Darksword LyricsStainless
Vultures Paradise LyricsVultures Paradise
War Journal LyricsTales of Wonder
Warriors (When The Battle Calls) LyricsOff the Beaten Path
Where Skye Meets The Sea LyricsOff the Beaten Path
Windchaser LyricsStainless
Winter Tears (Warlord Cover) LyricsVultures Paradise
Mesmerize lyrics Video Album

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