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Song lyrics by Mercyful Fate. Check-out these awesome song lyrics by the artist, learn every word of your favourite song and sing it like Mercyful Fate. Get one of the 76 lyrics and watch the video by artist Mercyful Fate.

Mercyful Fate lyrics Video Album
9 Lyrics9
A Corpse Without Soul LyricsReturn Of The Vampire
A Dangerous Meeting LyricsA Dangerous Meeting (MERCYFUL FATE / KING DIAMOND)
A Gruesome Time LyricsIn the Shadows
Angel Of Light LyricsTime
At The Sound Of The Demon Bell LyricsMelissa
Banshee LyricsDead Again
Black Funeral LyricsBlack Masses
Black Masses LyricsThe Beginning
Buried Alive Lyrics9
Burn In Hell Lyrics9
Burning The Cross LyricsReturn Of The Vampire
Castillo Del Mortes LyricsTime
Church Of Saint Anne Lyrics9
Come To The Sabbath LyricsThe Bell Witch
Crossroads LyricsDead Again
Curse Of The Pharaohs LyricsThe Bell Witch
Dead Again LyricsDead Again
Deadtime LyricsInto the Unknown
Death Kiss LyricsReturn Of The Vampire
Desecration Of Souls LyricsDon't Break the Oath
Devil Eyes LyricsThe Beginning
Doomed By The Living Dead LyricsA Dangerous Meeting (MERCYFUL FATE / KING DIAMOND)
Egypt LyricsThe Bell Witch
Evil LyricsA Dangerous Meeting (MERCYFUL FATE / KING DIAMOND)
Fear LyricsDead Again
Fifteen Men LyricsInto the Unknown
Gypsy LyricsA Dangerous Meeting (MERCYFUL FATE / KING DIAMOND)
Holy Water LyricsInto the Unknown
House On The Hill Lyrics9
Insane Lyrics9
Into The Coven LyricsMelissa
Into The Unknown LyricsInto the Unknown
Is That You Melissa LyricsThe Bell Witch
Kiss The Demon Lyrics9
Kutulu LyricsInto the Unknown
Lady In Black LyricsTime
Last Rites Lyrics9
Leave My Soul Alone LyricsReturn Of The Vampire
Legend Of The Headless Rider LyricsIn the Shadows
Listen To The Bell LyricsInto the Unknown
Lucifer LyricsInto the Unknown
M.D.A. (Mission Destroyed Alien) LyricsReturn Of The Vampire
Mandrake LyricsDead Again
Melissa LyricsMelissa
Mirror LyricsTime
My Demon LyricsTime
Night Of The Unborn LyricsDon't Break the Oath
Nightmare LyricsDon't Break the Oath
Nightmare Be Thy Name LyricsTime
Nuns Have No Fun LyricsThe Beginning
On A Night Of Full Moon LyricsReturn Of The Vampire
Return Of The Vampire LyricsReturn Of The Vampire
Satans Fall LyricsMelissa
Shadows LyricsIn the Shadows
Since Forever LyricsDead Again
Sold My Soul Lyrics9
Sucking Your Blood LyricsDead Again
The Afterlife LyricsTime
The Bell Witch LyricsThe Bell Witch
The Ghost Of Change LyricsInto the Unknown
The Grave Lyrics9
The Lady Who Cries LyricsDead Again
The Mad Arab LyricsTime
The Night LyricsDead Again
The Oath LyricsDon't Break the Oath
The Old Oak LyricsIn the Shadows
The Preacher LyricsTime
The Uninvited Guest LyricsInto the Unknown
Thirteen Invitations LyricsIn the Shadows
Time LyricsTime
Torture LyricsDead Again
Under The Spell LyricsInto the Unknown
Welcome Princes Of Hell LyricsDon't Break the Oath
Witches Dance LyricsTime
You Asked For It LyricsReturn Of The Vampire
Mercyful Fate lyrics Video Album

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