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Song lyrics by Maze. Check-out these awesome song lyrics by the artist, learn every word of your favourite song and sing it like Maze. Get one of the 66 lyrics and watch the video by artist Maze.

Maze lyrics Video Album
A Place In My Heart LyricsCan't Stop The Love
Ain't It Strange LyricsInspiration
All Night Long LyricsBack To Basics
Back In Stride LyricsCan't Stop The Love
Before I Let Go Lyrics
Call On Me LyricsInspiration
Can't Get Over You LyricsSilky Soul
Can't Stop The Love LyricsCan't Stop The Love
Change Our Ways LyricsSilky Soul
Change Times LyricsJoy And Pain
Changing Times Lyrics
Color Blind LyricsMaze Featuring Frankie Beverly
Dee's Song Lyrics
Don't Wanna Lose Your Love LyricsBack To Basics
Family LyricsJoy And Pain
Feel That You're Feelin' LyricsInspiration
Freedom (South Africa) Lyrics
Golden Time Of Day LyricsGolden Time Of Day
Happines LyricsJoy And Pain
Happy Feelin's LyricsMaze Featuring Frankie Beverly
I Love You Too Much LyricsWe Are One
I Need You LyricsGolden Time Of Day
I Wanna Be With You Lyrics
I Wanna Thank You LyricsWe Are One
I Want To Feel I'm Wanted LyricsCan't Stop The Love
I Wish You Well LyricsGolden Time Of Day
In Time LyricsBack To Basics
Joy And Pain LyricsJoy And Pain
Just Us LyricsSilky Soul
Lady Of Magic LyricsMaze Featuring Frankie Beverly
Laid Back Girl LyricsBack To Basics
Look At California LyricsMaze Featuring Frankie Beverly
Love Is LyricsBack To Basics
Love Is The Key LyricsWe Are One
Love's On The Run LyricsSilky Soul
Lovely Inspiration LyricsInspiration
Magic LyricsCan't Stop The Love
Mandela LyricsSilky Soul
Never Let You Down LyricsWe Are One
Nobody Knows What You Feel Inside LyricsBack To Basics
Reachin' Down Inside LyricsCan't Stop The Love
Reason Lyrics
Running Away Lyrics
Silky Soul LyricsSilky Soul
Somebody Else's Arms LyricsSilky Soul
Song For My Mother LyricsGolden Time Of Day
Songs Of Love LyricsSilky Soul
Southern Girl LyricsJoy And Pain
The Look In Your Eyes LyricsJoy And Pain
The Morning After LyricsBack To Basics
Time Is On My Side LyricsMaze Featuring Frankie Beverly
Timin' LyricsInspiration
Too Many Games LyricsCan't Stop The Love
Travelin' Man LyricsGolden Time Of Day
We Are One LyricsWe Are One
We Need Love To Live Lyrics
Welcome Home LyricsInspiration
What Goes Up LyricsBack To Basics
When You Love Someone Lyrics
While I'm Alone LyricsMaze Featuring Frankie Beverly
Woman Is A Wonder LyricsInspiration
Workin' Together LyricsGolden Time Of Day
You LyricsMaze Featuring Frankie Beverly
You're Not The Same LyricsGolden Time Of Day
Your Kind Of Way LyricsWe Are One
Your Own Kind Of Way Lyrics
Maze lyrics Video Album

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