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Song lyrics by Mastercastle. Check-out these awesome song lyrics by the artist, learn every word of your favourite song and sing it like Mastercastle. Get one of the 33 lyrics and watch the video by artist Mastercastle.

Mastercastle lyrics Video Album
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Another Flower LyricsDangerous Diamonds
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Bitter & Sweet LyricsDangerous Diamonds
Blue Diamond LyricsDangerous Diamonds
Cat-House LyricsLast Desire
Cradle Of Stone LyricsThe Phoenix
Dangerous Diamonds LyricsDangerous Diamonds
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Event Horizon LyricsLast Desire
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Greedy Blade LyricsThe Phoenix
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La Serenissima LyricsLast Desire
Last Desire LyricsLast Desire
Lovin' Me LyricsDangerous Diamonds
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Memories LyricsThe Phoenix
Misr LyricsLast Desire
My Screams LyricsThe Phoenix
Princess Of Love LyricsThe Phoenix
Scarlett LyricsLast Desire
Sixth Sun LyricsDangerous Diamonds
Space LyricsThe Phoenix
Space Trip LyricsLast Desire
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The Phoenix LyricsThe Phoenix
Time 4 Lovers LyricsDangerous Diamonds
Toxie Radd LyricsLast Desire
Wild Spell LyricsLast Desire
Words Are Swords LyricsThe Phoenix
Mastercastle lyrics Video Album

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