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Song lyrics by Marshall Law. Check-out these awesome song lyrics by the artist, learn every word of your favourite song and sing it like Marshall Law. Get one of the 49 lyrics and watch the video by artist Marshall Law.

Marshall Law lyrics Video Album
Addicted To The Pain LyricsMetal Detector
Another Bullet LyricsRazorhead
Another Generation LyricsPower Game
Blood And Pain LyricsRazorhead
Blood On Blood LyricsWarning from History
Bloodlines LyricsRazorhead
Chain Of Youth LyricsPower Game
Crucified LyricsWarning from History
Dead Zone LyricsPower Game
Devices LyricsMetal Detector
Devil's Anvil LyricsRazorhead
Divides Us LyricsRazorhead
Edge Of The World LyricsPower Game
Empowerment LyricsMetal Detector
Feed The Need LyricsMetal Detector
Foregathering LyricsWarning from History
God King LyricsWarning from History
Gods Of Deception LyricsRazorhead
Harbinger LyricsWarning from History
Headtrap LyricsRazorhead
Hell On Earth LyricsRazorhead
Iridium LyricsMetal Detector
Leviathan LyricsPower Game
Locked And Loaded LyricsWarning from History
March Of History LyricsWarning from History
Meganoid LyricsMetal Detector
Naked Aggression LyricsPower Game
Necromancer LyricsRazorhead
Night Terror LyricsRazorhead
No Justice LyricsPower Game
Nothing Lasts Forever LyricsRazorhead
Osmium LyricsMetal Detector
Power Game LyricsPower Game
Pray For Deliverance LyricsWarning from History
Premonition LyricsRazorhead
Psychodrama LyricsPower Game
Razorhead LyricsRazorhead
Remembered Forever LyricsWarning from History
Retreat LyricsWarning from History
Searching For Paradise LyricsPower Game
Seek And You Shall Find LyricsMetal Detector
Swarm LyricsMetal Detector
The Chamber LyricsRazorhead
The Sands Of Time LyricsMetal Detector
The Seeds Of Change LyricsMetal Detector
The Summoning LyricsRazorhead
Twisted This LyricsMetal Detector
Victory At Last LyricsWarning from History
War LyricsMetal Detector
Marshall Law lyrics Video Album

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