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Song lyrics by Magic Kingdom. Check-out these awesome song lyrics by the artist, learn every word of your favourite song and sing it like Magic Kingdom. Get one of the 40 lyrics and watch the video by artist Magic Kingdom.

Magic Kingdom lyrics Video Album
Angels Of Thunder LyricsThe Arrival
Another Sun LyricsMetallic Tragedy
Arriving At The Magic Kingdom (Intro) LyricsThe Arrival
Barabas LyricsMetallic Tragedy
Battlefield Magic LyricsSavage Requiem
Black Magic Castle LyricsMetallic Tragedy
Child Of The Nile LyricsMetallic Tragedy
Dragon Princess LyricsSavage Requiem
Dragonson LyricsThe Arrival
Evil Magician LyricsSymphony of War
Flying Pyramids LyricsMetallic Tragedy
Four Demon Kings Of Shadowlands LyricsSavage Requiem
Full Moon Sacrifice LyricsSavage Requiem
Ghosts Of Babylon LyricsThe Arrival
Guardian Angels LyricsSavage Requiem
Heart Of Stone LyricsThe Arrival
I'm A Lionheart LyricsSymphony of War
Immortal Lord LyricsThe Arrival
In The Name Of Heathen Gods LyricsSymphony of War
In Umbra Mea LyricsSavage Requiem
Judas Is Your Name LyricsThe Arrival
Land Of The Fire LyricsThe Arrival
Lost In The Dust LyricsThe Arrival
Master Of Madness LyricsMetallic Tragedy
Metallic Tragedy LyricsMetallic Tragedy
Million Sinners World LyricsSymphony of War
Monte Cristo LyricsSymphony of War
Rivals Forever LyricsSavage Requiem
Savage Requiem LyricsSavage Requiem
Ship Of Ghosts LyricsSavage Requiem
Symphony Of War LyricsSymphony of War
Tazira's Magic Rite LyricsMetallic Tragedy
The Fight LyricsMetallic Tragedy
The Final Star LyricsThe Arrival
The Iron Mask LyricsMetallic Tragedy
Time Will Tell LyricsMetallic Tragedy
Unholy Abyss LyricsSymphony of War
We Rise LyricsSymphony of War
With Fire And Sword LyricsSavage Requiem
You'll Be Damned LyricsThe Arrival
Magic Kingdom lyrics Video Album

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