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Song lyrics by Mads Langer. Check-out these awesome song lyrics by the artist, learn every word of your favourite song and sing it like Mads Langer. Get one of the 56 lyrics and watch the video by artist Mads Langer.

Mads Langer lyrics Video Album
3AM LyricsReckless Twin
Afterglow Ft. Coco O. LyricsReckless Twin
Alle Har En Drøm LyricsBehold
Amy LyricsReckless Twin
Attention Please LyricsAttention Please
Beauty Of The Dark LyricsMads Langer
Blondie LyricsReckless Twin
Breaking News LyricsAttention Please
Breathe Out LyricsAttention Please
Cool In The Summer LyricsReckless Twin
Daylight LyricsReckless Twin
Death Has Fallen In Love LyricsBehold
Deep Sleep LyricsBehold
Dire Straits LyricsIn These Waters
Drunken Butterfly LyricsBehold
Elephant LyricsIn These Waters
Enemy LyricsReckless Twin
Fact-Fiction LyricsMads Langer
Five Stanzas Of A Hymn LyricsIn These Waters
Ghost Town LyricsIn These Waters
Glass House LyricsIn These Waters
Heartquake LyricsIn These Waters
Helpless LyricsMads Langer
House Of Life LyricsAttention Please
I En Stjerneregn Af Sne LyricsI En Stjerneregn Af Sne
I Love You LyricsBehold
I'm Leaving LyricsBehold
Ik' Hate LyricsBehold
In These Waters (feat. Ida) LyricsIn These Waters
Judas Kiss LyricsMads Langer
Killer LyricsMads Langer
København (Fra En Dc9) LyricsBehold
Lonely Street LyricsReckless Twin
Love Letter LyricsAttention Please
Microscope LyricsBehold
No Gravity LyricsIn These Waters
Not Meant To Be Broken LyricsIn These Waters
Overgi'r Mig Langsomt LyricsBehold
Poem With No Rhyme LyricsAttention Please
Rearranged LyricsBehold
Remains Of You LyricsMads Langer
Riding Elevators LyricsBehold
Rule The World LyricsReckless Twin
Satellites LyricsIn These Waters
Say No More LyricsMads Langer
Secret (Marie) LyricsAttention Please
Shine LyricsMads Langer
Something Wild LyricsAttention Please
The River Has Run Wild LyricsBehold
This Is How Love Is Made LyricsMads Langer
Tunnel Vision LyricsReckless Twin
Twilight LyricsAttention Please
Wait For Me LyricsReckless Twin
Wake Me Up In Time LyricsMads Langer
When Silence Falls LyricsIn These Waters
You're Not Alone LyricsBehold
Mads Langer lyrics Video Album

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