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Song lyrics by Mad Max. Check-out these awesome song lyrics by the artist, learn every word of your favourite song and sing it like Mad Max. Get one of the 69 lyrics and watch the video by artist Mad Max.

Mad Max lyrics Video Album
40 Rock LyricsAnother Night of Passion
All Of My Heart LyricsHere We Are
Back And Alive LyricsAnother Night of Passion
Bad Day In Heaven LyricsNight of White Rock
Black Swan LyricsAnother Night of Passion
Burning The Stage LyricsNight of Passion
Caravan LyricsHere We Are
Change It LyricsWhite Sands
Don't Talk It Over LyricsHere We Are
Down To Babylon LyricsHere We Are
Evil Message LyricsRollin' Thunder
Fallen From Grace LyricsAnother Night of Passion
Family Of Rock LyricsWhite Sands
Fever Of Love LyricsAnother Night of Passion
Fly Fly Away LyricsRollin' Thunder
Fox On The Run (Sweet Cover) LyricsNight of Passion
Glorious Night LyricsWhite Sands
Hearts On Fire LyricsNight of Passion
Heaven Is... LyricsWhite Sands
Here We Are LyricsHere We Are
Heroes Die Lonely LyricsStormchild
High On Wheels LyricsHere We Are
Higher And Higher LyricsHere We Are
Homeless LyricsNight of White Rock
Hope To See You LyricsNight of White Rock
How Deep LyricsHere We Are
Keep You Alive LyricsHere We Are
Little Princess LyricsWhite Sands
Lonely Is The Hunter LyricsStormchild
Losin' It LyricsNight of White Rock
Losing You LyricsRollin' Thunder
Love Chains LyricsStormchild
Love Loaded LyricsNight of Passion
Love Walks Lonely LyricsHere We Are
Mad Gone Blind LyricsHere We Are
Metal Edge LyricsAnother Night of Passion
Never Say Never LyricsStormchild
Night Of Passion LyricsNight of Passion
Night Of White Rock LyricsNight of White Rock
R.I.P. + Dive Through The Sky LyricsNight of Passion
Raise Your Voice LyricsNight of White Rock
Restless Survivor LyricsStormchild
Return Of The Hunter - Rollin' The Dice LyricsStormchild
Riding Through The Night LyricsRollin' Thunder
Rocklahoma LyricsAnother Night of Passion
Rollin' Thunder LyricsRollin' Thunder
Run For The Night LyricsStormchild
Say Goodbye To Hollywood LyricsHere We Are
Shout And Cry LyricsRollin' Thunder
Someone Like You LyricsWhite Sands
Starcrossed Lovers LyricsNight of Passion
Stop One Minute LyricsHere We Are
Stormchild LyricsStormchild
Stranger LyricsRollin' Thunder
Sun LyricsNight of White Rock
The Chant LyricsAnother Night of Passion
Thoughts Of A Dying Man LyricsRollin' Thunder
To Hell And Back Again LyricsNight of White Rock
Too Wrong LyricsWhite Sands
Unbelievable LyricsNight of White Rock
Upon My Soul LyricsNight of White Rock
Voices In The Night LyricsStormchild
Wait For The Night LyricsNight of Passion
War LyricsWhite Sands
We Fight In White LyricsWhite Sands
Welcome To Rock Bottom LyricsAnother Night of Passion
Where The Winds Blow LyricsHere We Are
Wild And Seventeen LyricsNight of Passion
You Decide LyricsAnother Night of Passion
Mad Max lyrics Video Album

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