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Song lyrics by Lyriel. Check-out these awesome song lyrics by the artist, learn every word of your favourite song and sing it like Lyriel. Get one of the 47 lyrics and watch the video by artist Lyriel.

Lyriel lyrics Video Album
At The Mindnightsgate LyricsPrisonworld
Aus Der Tiefe LyricsLeverage
Everything Is Coming Up Roses LyricsLeverage
Leverage LyricsLeverage
Lyriel - Another Time LyricsParanoid Circus
Lyriel - Autumntales LyricsAutmntales
Lyriel - Day In June LyricsPrisonworld
Lyriel - Days Of Yore LyricsAutmntales
Lyriel - Elderberry And Lavender LyricsParanoid Circus
Lyriel - Enchanted Moonlight LyricsAutmntales
Lyriel - Fairyland LyricsAutmntales
Lyriel - Fate Of Knowless LyricsPrisonworld
Lyriel - Foeman´s Bride LyricsParanoid Circus
Lyriel - Hijo De La Luna LyricsAutmntales
Lyriel - Like A Feather In The Mind LyricsParanoid Circus
Lyriel - Lind E-huil LyricsPrisonworld
Lyriel - Lullaby LyricsParanoid Circus
Lyriel - Memoria LyricsAutmntales
Lyriel - My Unawakened Soul LyricsParanoid Circus
Lyriel - My Favorite Dream LyricsAutmntales
Lyriel - Opening LyricsParanoid Circus
Lyriel - Paranoid Circus LyricsParanoid Circus
Lyriel - Prisonworld LyricsPrisonworld
Lyriel - Promised Land LyricsAutmntales
Lyriel - So Long, My Love LyricsParanoid Circus
Lyriel - Surrender In Dance LyricsAutmntales
Lyriel - Symmetry Of Disfiguration LyricsPrisonworld
Lyriel - The Jugnement Og My Harves LyricsPrisonworld
Lyriel - The Regret LyricsParanoid Circus
Lyriel - The Singing Nightingale LyricsPrisonworld
Lyriel - The Sprint And The Flight LyricsPrisonworld
Lyriel - The Wheel Of The Fortuna LyricsParanoid Circus
Lyriel - The Wolf LyricsParanoid Circus
Lyriel - The Croft Of The Twilight LyricsPrisonworld
Lyriel - There´s A Rainbow In The Rain LyricsPrisonworld
Lyriel - Welcome LyricsParanoid Circus
Lyriel - Wild Birds LyricsAutmntales
Parting LyricsLeverage
Regen LyricsAutmntales
Repentance LyricsLeverage
Side By Side LyricsLeverage
Star Of County Down LyricsLeverage
Surrender In Dance LyricsAutmntales
The Road Not Taken LyricsLeverage
Voices In My Head LyricsLeverage
Wenn Die Engel Fallen LyricsLeverage
White Lilly LyricsLeverage
Lyriel lyrics Video Album

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