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Loudness lyrics Video Album
1000 Eyes LyricsLightning Strikes
2008 (Candra 月天) LyricsEngine
222 LyricsHeavy Metal Hippies
25 Days From Home LyricsSoldier of Fortune
Ace In The Hole LyricsEngine
Apocalypse LyricsEngine
Ares' Lament LyricsDisillusion~撃剣霊化
Ashes In The Sky LyricsLightning Strikes
Asylum LyricsEngine
Bad Date/Nothin' I Can Do LyricsEngine
Black Biohazard LyricsEngine
Black Star Oblivion LyricsLightning Strikes
Bloody Doom LyricsPandemonium ~降臨幻術~
Broken Jesus LyricsHeavy Metal Hippies
Bug Killer LyricsEngine
Burning Eye Balls LyricsEngine
Butterfly LyricsDisillusion~撃剣霊化
Chaos LyricsPandemonium ~降臨幻術~
Clockwork Toy LyricsThunder in the East
Complication LyricsLightning Strikes
Crazy Doctor LyricsDisillusion~撃剣霊化
Crazy Nights LyricsThunder in the East
Crazy Samurai LyricsRacing -English Version-
Danger Of Love LyricsSoldier of Fortune
Dark Desire LyricsLightning Strikes
Deadly Player LyricsOn the Prowl
Demon Disease LyricsSoldier of Fortune
Desperation Desecration LyricsHeavy Metal Hippies
Down 'n' Dirty LyricsOn the Prowl
Dream Fantasy LyricsDisillusion~撃剣霊化
Electric Kisses LyricsHeavy Metal Hippies
Esper LyricsDisillusion~撃剣霊化
Exploder LyricsDisillusion~撃剣霊化
Exultation LyricsRacing -English Version-
Eyes Of A Child LyricsHeavy Metal Hippies
Face To Face LyricsLightning Strikes
Faces In The Fire LyricsSoldier of Fortune
Find A Way LyricsOn the Prowl
Freedom LyricsHeavy Metal Hippies
Get Away LyricsThunder in the East
Girl LyricsOn the Prowl
Heavy Chains LyricsThunder in the East
High Try LyricsThe Birthday Eve~誕生前夜
House Of Freaks LyricsHeavy Metal Hippies
Howling Rain LyricsHeavy Metal Hippies
Hungry Hunter LyricsHurricane Eyes
I'm On Fire LyricsThe Birthday Eve~誕生前夜
In My Dreams LyricsHurricane Eyes
In This World Beyond LyricsHurricane Eyes
In The Mirror LyricsOn the Prowl
Inflame LyricsPandemonium ~降臨幻術~
Junk His Head LyricsEngine
LOUDNESS LyricsRockshocks
Let It Go LyricsLightning Strikes
Light In The Distance LyricsHeavy Metal Hippies
Like Hell LyricsThunder in the East
Live For The Moment LyricsRacing -English Version-
Long After Midnight LyricsSoldier of Fortune
Long Distance LyricsOn the Prowl
Lost Without Your Love LyricsSoldier of Fortune
Love Toys LyricsOn the Prowl
Lunatic LyricsRacing -English Version-
Milky Way LyricsDisillusion~撃剣霊化
Never Again LyricsOn the Prowl
Never Change Your Mind LyricsThunder in the East
No Way Out LyricsThunder in the East
Open Your Eyes LyricsThe Birthday Eve~誕生前夜
Paralyzed LyricsHeavy Metal Hippies
Playing Games LyricsOn the Prowl
Real Man LyricsPandemonium ~降臨幻術~
Red Light Shooter LyricsSoldier of Fortune
Revelation LyricsDisillusion~撃剣霊化
Rock 'N Roll Gypsy LyricsHurricane Eyes
Rock Shock (More And More) LyricsThe Birthday Eve~誕生前夜
Rock This Way LyricsHurricane Eyes
Run For Your Life LyricsThunder in the East
Running For Cover LyricsSoldier of Fortune
S.D.I. LyricsHurricane Eyes
Satisfaction Guaranteed LyricsDisillusion~撃剣霊化
Sexy Woman LyricsThe Birthday Eve~誕生前夜
Sleepless Night LyricsOn the Prowl
Snake Venom LyricsPandemonium ~降臨幻術~
So Lonely LyricsHurricane Eyes
Soldier Of Fortune LyricsSoldier of Fortune
Soul Tone LyricsEngine
Speed Maniac LyricsRacing -English Version-
Street Life Dream LyricsLightning Strikes
Street Woman LyricsThe Birthday Eve~誕生前夜
Strike Of The Sword LyricsHurricane Eyes
Suicide Doll LyricsPandemonium ~降臨幻術~
Sweet Dreams LyricsEngine
Take It Or Leave It LyricsOn the Prowl
Take Me Home LyricsHurricane Eyes
The Candidate LyricsPandemonium ~降臨幻術~
The Lines Are Down LyricsThunder in the East
The Pandemonium LyricsPandemonium ~降臨幻術~
This Lonely Heart LyricsHurricane Eyes
To Be Demon LyricsThe Birthday Eve~誕生前夜
Twist Of Chain LyricsEngine
Vision LyricsPandemonium ~降臨幻術~
We Could Be Together LyricsThunder in the East
What's The Truth? LyricsPandemonium ~降臨幻術~
Who Knows LyricsLightning Strikes
Ya Stepped On A Mine LyricsPandemonium ~降臨幻術~
You Shook Me LyricsSoldier of Fortune
Loudness lyrics Video Album

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