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Song lyrics by Lords of Acid. Check-out these awesome song lyrics by the artist, learn every word of your favourite song and sing it like Lords of Acid. Get one of the 58 lyrics and watch the video by artist Lords of Acid.

Lords of Acid lyrics Video Album
A Ride With Satan's Little Helpers LyricsFarstucker
Acid Queen LyricsHeaven is in orgasm
Blowing Up Your Mind LyricsVoodoo-U
Cybersex LyricsOur little secret
Deep Sexy Space LyricsOur little secret
Dirty Willy LyricsVoodoo-U
Do What You Wanna Do LyricsVoodoo-U
Doggie Tom LyricsOur little secret
Don't Kill For Love LyricsHeaven is in orgasm
Drink My Honey LyricsVoodoo-U
Feed My Hungry Soul LyricsFarstucker
Feel So Alive LyricsHeaven is in orgasm
Fingerlickin' Good LyricsOur little secret
Get Up Get High LyricsFarstucker
Glad I'm Not God! LyricsFarstucker
Hey Ho! LyricsLust
I Like It LyricsFarstucker
I Must Increase My Bust LyricsExpand your head
I Sit On Acid LyricsExpand your head
Kiss Eternal LyricsFarstucker
LSD = Truth LyricsOur little secret
Lessons In Love LyricsLust
Let's Get High LyricsExpand your head
Lover LyricsExpand your head
Lover Boy/Lover Girl LyricsFarstucker
Lucy's F*ck*ng SKy LyricsFarstucker
Man's Best Friend LyricsOur little secret
Marijuana In Your Brain LyricsExpand your head
Mister Machoman LyricsVoodoo-U
Out Comes The Evil LyricsVoodoo-U
Praise The Lords LyricsHeaven is in orgasm
Pump My Body To The Top LyricsLust
P**** LyricsExpand your head
Robot Love LyricsHeaven is in orgasm
Rough Sex LyricsExpand your head
Rover Take Over LyricsFarstucker
Rubber Doll LyricsExpand your head
Scrood By You LyricsFarstucker
Sex Bomb LyricsFarstucker
She And Mr. Jones (Uncensored Version) LyricsHeaven is in orgasm
Slave To Love LyricsFarstucker
Spacy Bitch LyricsLust
Spank My Booty LyricsExpand your head
Special Moments LyricsVoodoo-U
Stay Awake LyricsHeaven is in orgasm
Stripper LyricsFarstucker
Superstar LyricsHeaven is in orgasm
Surfin' Muncheez LyricsFarstucker
Take Control LyricsLust
The Crablouse LyricsExpand your head
The Dude LyricsHeaven is in orgasm
The Mirror LyricsHeaven is in orgasm
The Most Wonderful Girl LyricsLust
The Power Is Mine LyricsOur little secret
Voodoo U LyricsVoodoo-U
Worship The Lords LyricsFarstucker
You Belong To Me LyricsOur little secret
Young Boys LyricsVoodoo-U
Lords of Acid lyrics Video Album

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