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Song lyrics by Like Torches. Check-out these awesome song lyrics by the artist, learn every word of your favourite song and sing it like Like Torches. Get one of the 13 lyrics and watch the video by artist Like Torches.

Like Torches lyrics Video Album
Caffeine And Sleeping Pills LyricsLike Torches
I Guess That's Karma's Downside LyricsLike Torches
I Wish LyricsKeep Your Head High
I've Read Your Story A Thousand Times LyricsLike Torches
Keep Your Head High LyricsKeep Your Head High
Missing It All LyricsKeep Your Head High
Pretty Lights LyricsLike Torches
Quitter LyricsKeep Your Head High
Spin The Bottle LyricsLike Torches
Sticks And Stones Break Bones But These Words.. LyricsLike Torches
Still Lost LyricsLike Torches
We Burn Like The Phoenix LyricsLike Torches
Wounds Like These LyricsKeep Your Head High
Like Torches lyrics Video Album

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