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Song lyrics by Liege Lord. Check-out these awesome song lyrics by the artist, learn every word of your favourite song and sing it like Liege Lord. Get one of the 28 lyrics and watch the video by artist Liege Lord.

Liege Lord lyrics Video Album
Amnesty LyricsFreedom's Rise
Birds Of Prey LyricsBurn to My Touch
Black Lit Knights LyricsBurn to My Touch
Broken Wasteland LyricsMaster Control
Cast Out LyricsBurn to My Touch
Dark Tale LyricsFreedom's Rise
Eye Of The Storm LyricsMaster Control
Fallout LyricsMaster Control
Fear Itself LyricsMaster Control
Feel The Blade LyricsMaster Control
For The King LyricsFreedom's Rise
Kill The King (Rainbow Cover) LyricsMaster Control
Legend LyricsBurn to My Touch
Legionnaire LyricsFreedom's Rise
Master Control LyricsMaster Control
Portrait Of Despair LyricsBurn to My Touch
Prodigy LyricsFreedom's Rise
Rage Of Angels LyricsFreedom's Rise
Rapture LyricsMaster Control
Soldiers' Fortune LyricsMaster Control
Speed Of Sound LyricsBurn to My Touch
Suspicion LyricsMaster Control
The Manic's Mask LyricsBurn to My Touch
Transgressor LyricsBurn to My Touch
Vials Of Wrath LyricsFreedom's Rise
Walking Fire LyricsBurn to My Touch
Warriors Farewell LyricsFreedom's Rise
Wielding Iron Fists LyricsFreedom's Rise
Liege Lord lyrics Video Album

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