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Song lyrics by Leeland. Check-out these awesome song lyrics by the artist, learn every word of your favourite song and sing it like Leeland. Get one of the 45 lyrics and watch the video by artist Leeland.

Leeland lyrics Video Album
All Over The Earth LyricsThe Great Awakening
Beautiful Lord LyricsSound of Melodies
Beginning And The End LyricsOpposite Way
Brighter Days LyricsOpposite Way
Can't Stop LyricsSound of Melodies
Carried To The Table LyricsSound of Melodies
Carry Me On Your Back LyricsLove is on a move
Chains Hit The Ground LyricsThe Great Awakening
Count Me In LyricsOpposite Way
Don't Go Away LyricsOpposite Way
Enter This Temple LyricsOpposite Way
Falling For You LyricsOpposite Way
Follow You LyricsLove is on a move
Hey LyricsSound of Melodies
Holy Ghost LyricsThe Great Awakening
Holy Spirit Have Your Way LyricsLove is on a move
How Wonderful LyricsSound of Melodies
I Can See Your Love LyricsThe Great Awakening
I Cry LyricsThe Great Awakening
I Wonder LyricsThe Great Awakening
Learn To Love LyricsLove is on a move
Let It Out Now LyricsOpposite Way
Lift Your Eyes LyricsSound of Melodies
Lift Your Eyes Up LyricsLove is on a move
Love Is On The Move LyricsLove is on a move
May Our Praise LyricsOpposite Way
My Jesus [Bonus Track] LyricsLove is on a move
New Creation LyricsLove is on a move
Not Afraid Anymore LyricsThe Great Awakening
Opposite Way LyricsOpposite Way
Pages LyricsThe Great Awakening
Pure Bride LyricsLove is on a move
Reaching LyricsSound of Melodies
Sound Of Melodies LyricsSound of Melodies
Tears Of The Saints LyricsSound of Melodies
The Door LyricsLove is on a move
The Great Awakening LyricsThe Great Awakening
Thief In The Night LyricsOpposite Way
Too Much LyricsSound of Melodies
Unending Songs LyricsThe Great Awakening
Via Dolorosa LyricsLove is on a move
Wake Up LyricsOpposite Way
Weak Man LyricsLove is on a move
While We Sing LyricsThe Great Awakening
Yes You Have LyricsSound of Melodies
Leeland lyrics Video Album

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