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Leaves' Eyes lyrics Video Album
A Winter's Poem LyricsElegy (EP)
Amhran (Song Of The Winds) LyricsVinland Saga
Angel And The Ghost LyricsSymphonies of the Night
Ankomst LyricsVinland Saga
At Heaven's End LyricsAt Heaven's End (EP)
Blazing Waters LyricsKing Of Kings
Edge Of Steel LyricsKing Of Kings
Eileen's Ardency LyricsSymphonies of the Night
Elegy LyricsElegy (EP)
Elegy (Single Version) LyricsElegy (EP)
Empty Horizon LyricsMeredead
Fading Earth LyricsSymphonies of the Night
Farewell Proud Men LyricsVinland Saga
Feast Of The Year LyricsKing Of Kings
For Amelie LyricsLovelorn
Frøyas Theme LyricsNjord
Galswintha LyricsSymphonies of the Night
Halvdan The Black LyricsKing Of Kings
Haraldskvædi LyricsKing Of Kings
Heal (Bonus Track) LyricsVinland Saga
Hell To The Heavens LyricsSymphonies of the Night
Hymn To The Lone Sands LyricsSymphonies of the Night
Into Your Light LyricsInto Your Light (EP)
Into Your Light (Acoustic Remix) LyricsInto Your Light (EP)
Into Your Light (Radio Edit) LyricsInto Your Light (EP)
Irish Rain LyricsNjord
Irish Rain (Acoustic Version) LyricsAt Heaven's End (EP)
King Of Kings LyricsKing Of Kings
Kråkevisa LyricsMeredead
Landscape Of The Dead (Bonus) LyricsNjord
Leave's Whisper LyricsInto Your Light (EP)
Leaves Eyes LyricsVinland Saga
Legend Land LyricsLegend Land (EP)
Legend Land (Acoustic Version) LyricsMelusine (EP)
Legend Land (Extended Version) LyricsLegend Land (EP)
Les Champes De Lavande (Bonus) LyricsNjord
Lovelorn LyricsLovelorn
Lyset LyricsLegend Land (EP)
Melusine LyricsMelusine (EP)
Meredead LyricsMeredead
Mine Tåror Er Ei Grimme LyricsMeredead
Misseri LyricsVinland Saga
Morgenland LyricsNjord
Mot Fjerne Land LyricsElegy (EP)
Mourning Tree LyricsVinland Saga
My Destiny LyricsMy Destiny (EP)
My Destiny (Remix) LyricsMy Destiny (EP)
New Found Land LyricsVinland Saga
Nightshade LyricsSymphonies of the Night
Nine Wave Maidens LyricsMy Destiny (EP)
Njord LyricsNjord
Northbound LyricsMy Destiny (EP)
Norwegian Lovesong LyricsLovelorn
Nystev LyricsMeredead
Ocean's Way LyricsLovelorn
One Caress LyricsSymphonies of the Night
Ophelia LyricsSymphonies of the Night
Ragnarok LyricsNjord
Return To Life LyricsLovelorn
Sacred Vow LyricsKing Of Kings
Saint Cecelia LyricsSymphonies of the Night
Scarborough Fair LyricsNjord
Scarborough Fair (Acoustic Version) LyricsMy Destiny (EP)
Secret LyricsLovelorn
Senses Capture LyricsElegy (EP)
Sigrlinn LyricsMeredead
Skraelings LyricsLegend Land (EP)
Solemn Sea LyricsVinland Saga
Solemn Sea (Demo Version) LyricsElegy (EP)
Sorhleod LyricsMeredead
Spirits Masquerade LyricsMeredead
Sweven LyricsKing Of Kings
Swords In Rock LyricsKing Of Kings
Symphony Of The Night LyricsSymphonies of the Night
Take The Devil In Me LyricsNjord
Tale Of The Sea Maid LyricsLovelorn
Tell-Tale Eyes (Alternate Version) LyricsMelusine (EP)
TellTale Eyes LyricsMeredead
Temptation LyricsLovelorn
The Battle Of Maldon (Remastered Version) LyricsMelusine (EP)
The Battle Of Maldon LyricsMy Destiny (EP)
The Crossing LyricsLegend Land (EP)
The Dream LyricsLovelorn
The Holy Bond LyricsNjord
The Thorn LyricsVinland Saga
Through Our Veins LyricsNjord
To France LyricsMeredead
To France (Sonic Mix) LyricsMelusine (EP)
Twilight Sun LyricsVinland Saga
Velvet Heart LyricsMeredead
Vengeance Venom LyricsKing Of Kings
Veritas LyricsMeredead
Viking's Word LyricsLegend Land (EP)
Vinland Saga LyricsVinland Saga
Waking Eye LyricsKing Of Kings
Leaves' Eyes lyrics Video Album

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