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Song lyrics by Ladytron. Check-out these awesome song lyrics by the artist, learn every word of your favourite song and sing it like Ladytron. Get one of the 68 lyrics and watch the video by artist Ladytron.

Ladytron lyrics Video Album
AMTV LyricsWitching Hour
Ace Of Hz LyricsGravity the Seducer
Aces High LyricsGravity the Seducer
All The Way LyricsWitching Hour
Altitude Blues LyricsGravity the Seducer
Ambulances LyricsGravity the Seducer
Another Breakfast With You Lyrics604
Beauty*2 LyricsWitching Hour
Black Cat LyricsVelocifero
Black Plastic LyricsLight & Magic
Blue Jeans LyricsLight & Magic
Burning Up LyricsVelocifero
CMYK LyricsWitching Hour
CSKA Sofia Lyrics604
Cease2xist LyricsLight & Magic
Commodore Rock Lyrics604
Cracked LCD LyricsLight & Magic
Deep Blue LyricsVelocifero
Destroy Everything You Touch LyricsWitching Hour
Discotraxx Lyrics604
Evil LyricsLight & Magic
Fighting In Built Up Areas LyricsWitching Hour
Fire LyricsLight & Magic
Flicking Your Switch LyricsLight & Magic
Ghosts LyricsVelocifero
He Took Her To A Movie Lyrics604
High Rise LyricsWitching Hour
I'm Not Scared LyricsVelocifero
I'm With The Pilots Lyrics604
International Dateline LyricsWitching Hour
Jet Age Lyrics604
Kletva LyricsVelocifero
Ladybird Lyrics604
Laughing Cavalier Lyrics604
Light And Magic LyricsLight & Magic
Melting Ice LyricsGravity the Seducer
Mirage LyricsGravity the Seducer
Moon Palace LyricsGravity the Seducer
Mu-Tron Lyrics604
Ninety Degrees LyricsGravity the Seducer
NuHorizons LyricsLight & Magic
Paco! Lyrics604
Play Girl Lyrics604
Predict The Day LyricsVelocifero
Re Agents LyricsLight & Magic
Ritual LyricsGravity the Seducer
Runaway LyricsVelocifero
Season Of Illusions LyricsVelocifero
Seventeen LyricsLight & Magic
Skools Out... Lyrics604
Soft Power LyricsWitching Hour
Startup Chime LyricsLight & Magic
Sugar LyricsWitching Hour
The Last One Standing LyricsWitching Hour
The Lovers LyricsVelocifero
The Reason Why LyricsLight & Magic
The Way That I Found You Lyrics604
They Gave You A Heart, They Gave You A Name LyricsVelocifero
This Is Our Sound Lyrics604
Tomorrow LyricsVelocifero
Transparent Days LyricsGravity the Seducer
True Mathematics LyricsLight & Magic
Turn It On LyricsLight & Magic
Versus LyricsVelocifero
Weekend LyricsWitching Hour
White Elephant LyricsGravity the Seducer
White Gold LyricsGravity the Seducer
White Light Generator LyricsWitching Hour
Ladytron lyrics Video Album

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