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Song lyrics by Korzus. Check-out these awesome song lyrics by the artist, learn every word of your favourite song and sing it like Korzus. Get one of the 46 lyrics and watch the video by artist Korzus.

Korzus lyrics Video Album
2012 LyricsDiscipline of Hate
Agony LyricsMass Illusion
BS (A Hole In The Head) LyricsK.Z.S.
Beware LyricsK.Z.S.
Beyond The Limits Of Insanity LyricsMass Illusion
Blood For Blood LyricsMass Illusion
Cruelty LyricsTies of Blood
Cumbacore (R.I.P.) LyricsK.Z.S.
Discipline Of Hate LyricsDiscipline of Hate
Evil Sight LyricsTies of Blood
Guilty Silence LyricsTies of Blood
Hell LyricsDiscipline of Hate
Internally LyricsK.Z.S.
It Wasn´t Me LyricsTies of Blood
Kids Of The Streets LyricsMass Illusion
Last Meal LyricsK.Z.S.
Last Memories LyricsDiscipline of Hate
Living In Pain LyricsMass Illusion
Lost Man LyricsK.Z.S.
Mass Illusion LyricsMass Illusion
My Enemy LyricsDiscipline of Hate
Namesake LyricsK.Z.S.
Never Die LyricsDiscipline of Hate
Never Get Me Down LyricsTies of Blood
P.F.Y.L. LyricsMass Illusion
Punisher LyricsTies of Blood
Raise Your Soul LyricsDiscipline of Hate
Raise Your Head LyricsMass Illusion
Reap What You Sow LyricsDiscipline of Hate
Respect LyricsTies of Blood
Revolution LyricsDiscipline of Hate
Sadness LyricsK.Z.S.
Screaming For Death LyricsTies of Blood
Shame LyricsK.Z.S.
Short Lived LyricsK.Z.S.
Slavery LyricsDiscipline of Hate
The Boss LyricsK.Z.S.
The Sadist LyricsTies of Blood
Ties Of Blood LyricsTies of Blood
Truth LyricsDiscipline of Hate
Under His Command LyricsDiscipline of Hate
Unpredictable Disease LyricsMass Illusion
Victim Of Progress LyricsMass Illusion
What Are You Looking For LyricsTies of Blood
What A Pain! LyricsK.Z.S.
Who´s Going To Be The Next LyricsTies of Blood
Korzus lyrics Video Album

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