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Song lyrics by Journey. Check-out these awesome song lyrics by the artist, learn every word of your favourite song and sing it like Journey. Get one of the 159 lyrics and watch the video by artist Journey.

Journey lyrics Video Album
A Better Life LyricsGenerations
After All These Years LyricsRevelation
After The Fall LyricsFrontiers
All The Things LyricsArrival
All The Way LyricsArrival
Any Way You Want It LyricsRevelation
Anything Is Possible LyricsEclipse
Anytime LyricsInfinity
Anyway LyricsLook Into The Future
Ask The Lonely LyricsSoundtrack Two of a Kind
Baby I'm Leaving You LyricsTrial by Fire
Back Talk LyricsFrontiers
Be Good To Yourself LyricsRevelation
Believe LyricsGenerations
Better Together LyricsGenerations
Beyond The Clouds LyricsGenerations
Butterfly (She Flies Alone) LyricsGenerations
Can Do LyricsInfinity
Can't Tame The Lion LyricsTrial by Fire
Castles Burning LyricsTrial by Fire
Chain Of Love LyricsEclipse
Chain Reaction LyricsFrontiers
Change For The Better LyricsRevelation
City Of The Angels LyricsEvolution
City Of Hope LyricsEclipse
Colors Of The Spirit LyricsTrial by Fire
Daydream LyricsEvolution
Dead Or Alive LyricsEscape
Destiny LyricsDream After Dream
Do You Recall LyricsEvolution
Don't Be Down On Me Baby LyricsTrial by Fire
Don't Stop Believin' LyricsRevelation
Easy To Fall LyricsTrial by Fire
Edge Of The Blade LyricsFrontiers
Edge Of The Moment LyricsEclipse
Escape LyricsEscape
Every Generation LyricsGenerations
Faith In The Heartland LyricsRevelation
Faithfully LyricsRevelation
Feeling That Way LyricsInfinity
Forever In Blue LyricsTrial by Fire
Frontiers LyricsFrontiers
Girl Can't Help It LyricsRaised On Radio
Gone Crazy LyricsGenerations
Good Morning Girl LyricsDeparture
Happy To Give LyricsRaised On Radio
Here We Are LyricsNext
Higher Place LyricsArrival
Homemade Love LyricsDeparture
Human Feel LyricsEclipse
Hustler LyricsNext
I Can Breathe LyricsRed 13
I Can See It In Your Eyes LyricsTrial by Fire
I Got A Reason LyricsArrival
I Would Find You LyricsNext
I'll Be Alright Without You LyricsRaised On Radio
I'm Cryin LyricsDeparture
I'm Not That Way LyricsArrival
If He Should Break Your Heart LyricsTrial by Fire
In My Lonely Feeling LyricsJourney
In Self-Defense LyricsGenerations
In The Morning Day LyricsJourney
It Could Have Been You LyricsRaised On Radio
It's All Too Much LyricsLook Into The Future
It's Just The Rain LyricsTrial by Fire
Just The Same Way LyricsEvolution
Karma LyricsNext
Keep On Runnin' LyricsEscape
Kiss Me Softly LyricsArrival
Knowing That You Love Me LyricsGenerations
La Do Da LyricsInfinity
Lady Luck LyricsEvolution
Lay It Down LyricsEscape
Lifetime Of Dreams LyricsArrival
Lights LyricsRevelation
Like A Sunshower LyricsRevelation
Line Of Fire LyricsDeparture
Little Girl LyricsDream After Dream
Live And Breathe LyricsArrival
Livin' To Do LyricsArrival
Look Into The Future LyricsLook Into The Future
Loved By You LyricsArrival
Lovin' You Is Easy LyricsEvolution
Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin' LyricsEvolution
Message Of Love LyricsTrial by Fire
Midnight Dreamer LyricsLook Into The Future
Mother, Father LyricsEscape
Mystery Mountain LyricsJourney
Never Too Late LyricsGenerations
Never Walk Away LyricsRevelation
Next LyricsNext
Nothin' Comes Close LyricsArrival
Of A Lifetime LyricsJourney
On A Saturday Nite LyricsLook Into The Future
Once You Love Somebody LyricsRaised On Radio
One More LyricsTrial by Fire
Only Solutions LyricsSountrack Tron
Only The Young LyricsRevelation
Open Arms LyricsRevelation
Opened The Door LyricsInfinity
Out Of Harms Way LyricsGenerations
Patiently LyricsInfinity
People LyricsNext
People And Places LyricsDeparture
Positive Touch LyricsRaised On Radio
Precious Time LyricsDeparture
Pride Of The Family LyricsGenerations
Raised On Radio LyricsRaised On Radio
Remember Me LyricsRemember Me
Resonate LyricsEclipse
Ritual LyricsEclipse
Rubicon LyricsFrontiers
Sandcastles LyricsDream After Dream
Send Her My Love LyricsFrontiers
Separate Ways (Worlds Apart) LyricsRevelation
She Makes Me (Feel Alright) LyricsLook Into The Future
Shes A Mystery LyricsEclipse
Signs Of Life LyricsArrival
Someday Soon LyricsDeparture
Someone LyricsEclipse
Somethin' To Hide LyricsInfinity
Spaceman LyricsNext
State Of Grace LyricsRed 13
Stay Awhile LyricsDeparture
Still She Cries LyricsTrial by Fire
Still They Ride LyricsEscape
Stone In Love LyricsRevelation
Suzanne LyricsRaised On Radio
Sweet And Simple LyricsEvolution
Tantra LyricsEclipse
The Eyes Of A Woman LyricsRaised On Radio
The Place In Your Heart LyricsGenerations
The Time LyricsRed 13
To Be Alive Again LyricsArrival
To Play Some Music LyricsJourney
To Whom It May Concern LyricsEclipse
Too Late LyricsEvolution
Trial By Fire LyricsTrial by Fire
Troubled Child LyricsFrontiers
Turn Down The World Tonight LyricsRevelation
Walking Away From The Edge LyricsRed 13
Walks Like A Lady LyricsDeparture
We Will Meet Again LyricsArrival
What I Needed LyricsRevelation
What It Takes To Win LyricsRevelation
Wheel In The Sky LyricsRevelation
When I Think Of You LyricsTrial by Fire
When You Love A Woman LyricsTrial by Fire
When You're Alone (It Ain't Easy) LyricsEvolution
Where Did I Lose Your Love LyricsRevelation
Where Were You LyricsDeparture
Who's Cryin' Now LyricsRevelation
Why Can't This Night Go On Forever LyricsRaised On Radio
Wildest Dream LyricsRevelation
Winds Of March LyricsInfinity
With Your Love LyricsArrival
Workin' In The City LyricsEscape
World Gone Wild LyricsArrival
You're On Your Own LyricsLook Into The Future
Journey lyrics Video Album

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