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Song lyrics by James. Check-out these awesome song lyrics by the artist, learn every word of your favourite song and sing it like James. Get one of the 119 lyrics and watch the video by artist James.

James lyrics Video Album
Afro Lover LyricsMillionaires
Alaskan Pipeline LyricsPleased To Meet You
Are You Ready LyricsOne Man Clapping
Avalanche LyricsWhiplash
Billys Shirts LyricsStutter
Black Hole LyricsStutter
Blue Pastures LyricsWhiplash
Born Of Frustration LyricsThe Best Of James
Bring A Gun LyricsSeven
Burned LyricsOne Man Clapping
Butterfly Dreams LyricsBooth and the Bad Angel
Chain Mail LyricsOne Man Clapping
Charlie Dance LyricsStrip-Mine
Come Home LyricsThe Best Of James
Crash LyricsMillionaires
Crescendo LyricsGold Mother
Dance Of Bad Angels LyricsBooth and the Bad Angel
Destiny Calling LyricsThe Best Of James
Don't Wait That Long LyricsSeven
Dream Thrum LyricsLaid
Dumb Jam LyricsMillionaires
Dust Motes Lyrics
English Beefcake LyricsPleased To Meet You
Everybody Knows LyricsLaid
Fairground LyricsStrip-Mine
Fall In Love With Me LyricsBooth and the Bad Angel
Falling Down LyricsPleased To Meet You
Fine LyricsPleased To Meet You
Five-O LyricsLaid
Gaudi LyricsPleased To Meet You
Getting Away With It (All Messed Up) LyricsPleased To Meet You
Give It Away LyricsPleased To Meet You
Go To The Bank LyricsWhiplash
God Only Knows LyricsJames
Gold Mother LyricsJames
Goverment Walls LyricsJames
Government Walls LyricsGold Mother
Greenpeace LyricsWhiplash
Hands In The Rain LyricsBooth and the Bad Angel
Hang On LyricsGold Mother
Heart LyricsBooth and the Bad Angel
Heavens LyricsSeven
Hello LyricsMillionaires
Hit Parade LyricsBooth and the Bad Angel
Homebody LyricsWhiplash
How Was It For You LyricsThe Best Of James
Hymn From A Village LyricsThe Best Of James
I Believe LyricsBooth and the Bad Angel
I Know What I'm Here For LyricsMillionaires
Johnny Yen LyricsStutter
Junkie LyricsPleased To Meet You
Just Hip LyricsStutter
Just Like Fred Astire LyricsMillionaires
Kaleidoscope Lyrics
Knuckle Too Far LyricsLaid
Laid LyricsThe Best Of James
Leaking LyricsOne Man Clapping
Life Gets Better LyricsBooth and the Bad Angel
Live A Love Of Life LyricsSeven
Lose Control LyricsThe Best Of James
Lost A Friend LyricsWhiplash
Low Low Low LyricsLaid
Lullaby LyricsLaid
Medieval LyricsStrip-Mine
Mother LyricsSeven
Moving On Lyrics
Next Lover LyricsSeven
Not There LyricsStrip-Mine
Nothing But Love LyricsGirl At The End Of The World
Old Ways LyricsBooth and the Bad Angel
One Of The Three LyricsLaid
Out To Get You LyricsThe Best Of James
P.S. LyricsLaid
Play Dead LyricsWhiplash
Pleased To Meet You LyricsPleased To Meet You
Protect Me LyricsSeven
Really Hard LyricsStutter
Refrain LyricsStrip-Mine
Riders LyricsOne Man Clapping
Ring The Bells LyricsThe Best Of James
Rising LyricsBooth and the Bad Angel
Runaground LyricsThe Best Of James
Sandman (Hup Springs) LyricsOne Man Clapping
Say Something LyricsThe Best Of James
Scarecrow LyricsStutter
Senorita LyricsPleased To Meet You
Seven LyricsThe Best Of James
She's A Star LyricsThe Best Of James
Shooting My Mouth Off LyricsMillionaires
Sit Down LyricsThe Best Of James
Skindiving LyricsLaid
Skullduggery LyricsStutter
So Many Ways LyricsStutter
Someone's Got It In For Me LyricsMillionaires
Sometimes (Lester Piggott) LyricsThe Best Of James
Sound LyricsThe Best Of James
Space LyricsPleased To Meet You
Stranger LyricsBooth and the Bad Angel
Strangers LyricsMillionaires
Stripmining LyricsStrip-Mine
Stutter LyricsOne Man Clapping
Summer Songs LyricsStutter
Surprise LyricsMillionaires
The Shining LyricsPleased To Meet You
Tomorrow LyricsThe Best Of James
Top Of The World LyricsJames
Vervaceous LyricsMillionaires
Vulture LyricsStrip-Mine
Walking The Ghost LyricsJames
Waltzing Along LyricsThe Best Of James
Watering Hole LyricsWhiplash
We're Going To Miss You LyricsMillionaires
What For LyricsStrip-Mine
What Is It Good For LyricsPleased To Meet You
Whoops LyricsOne Man Clapping
Why So Close LyricsStutter
Withdrawn LyricsStutter
Ya Ho LyricsOne Man Clapping
You Can't Tell How Much Suffering LyricsJames
James lyrics Video Album

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