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Song lyrics by Jónsi. Check-out these awesome song lyrics by the artist, learn every word of your favourite song and sing it like Jónsi. Get one of the 50 lyrics and watch the video by artist Jónsi.

Jónsi lyrics Video Album
01 - Intro LyricsGo Quiet (EP)
01 - Stars In Still Water LyricsGo Live (EP)
02 - Aevin Endar LyricsKoupili jsme Zoo (OST)
02 - Animal Arithmetic LyricsGo Quiet (EP)
03 - Boy Lilikoi LyricsKoupili jsme Zoo (OST)
03 - Go Do LyricsGo Quiet (EP)
04 - Grow Till Tall LyricsGo Quiet (EP)
04 - Sun LyricsKoupili jsme Zoo (OST)
05 - Brambles LyricsKoupili jsme Zoo (OST)
05 - Sinking Friendships LyricsGo Live (EP)
05 - Tornado LyricsGo Quiet (EP)
06 - Sinking Friendships LyricsKoupili jsme Zoo (OST)
06 - Tornado LyricsGo Live (EP)
07 - Saint Naive LyricsGo Live (EP)
07 - We Bought A Zoo LyricsKoupili jsme Zoo (OST)
08 - Go Do LyricsGo Live (EP)
08 - Sinking Friendships LyricsGo Quiet (EP)
09 - Animal Arithmetic LyricsGo Live (EP)
09 - Boy Lilikoi LyricsGo Quiet (EP)
09 - Snærisendar LyricsKoupili jsme Zoo (OST)
10 - Around Us - Outro LyricsGo Quiet (EP)
10 - Boy Lilikoi LyricsGo Live (EP)
10 - Sink Ships LyricsKoupili jsme Zoo (OST)
11 - Go Do LyricsKoupili jsme Zoo (OST)
12 - Around Us LyricsGo Live (EP)
12 - Whole Made Of Pieces LyricsKoupili jsme Zoo (OST)
13 - Humming LyricsKoupili jsme Zoo (OST)
14 - First Day LyricsKoupili jsme Zoo (OST)
14 - Grow Till Tall LyricsGo Live (EP)
15 - Gathering Stories LyricsKoupili jsme Zoo (OST)
All The Big Trees LyricsRiceboy Sleeps
Animal Arithmetic LyricsGo
Around Us LyricsGo
Atlas Song LyricsRiceboy Sleeps
Boy 1904 LyricsRiceboy Sleeps
Boy Lilikoi LyricsGo
Daníell In The Sea LyricsRiceboy Sleeps
Go Do LyricsGo
Grow Till Tall LyricsGo
Happiness LyricsRiceboy Sleeps
Howl LyricsRiceboy Sleeps
Indian Summer LyricsRiceboy Sleeps
Never Forget Ft. Gréta Salóme Lyrics
Paper Birds Lyrics
Sinking Friendships LyricsGo
Sleeping Giant LyricsRiceboy Sleeps
Stokkseyri LyricsRiceboy Sleeps
Tornado LyricsGo
Where No One Goes Lyrics
Your Stories Lyrics
Jónsi lyrics Video Album

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