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Song lyrics by Imagika. Check-out these awesome song lyrics by the artist, learn every word of your favourite song and sing it like Imagika. Get one of the 62 lyrics and watch the video by artist Imagika.

Imagika lyrics Video Album
A God No More LyricsPortrait of a Hanged Man
Annihilate LyricsAnd So It Burns
Atrocity LyricsAnd So It Burns
Back To The Beginning LyricsDevils on Both Sides
Behind Immortal Eyes LyricsFeast for the Hated
Beyond LyricsWorship
Bleed As One... Appease The Gods LyricsFeast for the Hated
Court Of Confusion LyricsWorship
Darkness Has Come LyricsAnd So It Burns
Dead Eye-Stare LyricsDevils on Both Sides
Devils On Both Sides LyricsDevils on Both Sides
Devour LyricsWorship
Evils Rising LyricsDevils on Both Sides
Fade Away LyricsAnd So It Burns
Fallen One LyricsAnd So It Burns
Feast For The Hated LyricsFeast for the Hated
Forever Darkened LyricsMy Bloodied Wings
G.h.b. LyricsPortrait of a Hanged Man
Golgotha LyricsWorship
Hall Of Desire LyricsWorship
Halo Of Flies LyricsPortrait of a Hanged Man
Heart Of Icarus LyricsMy Bloodied Wings
Held Beneath LyricsFeast for the Hated
Hell LyricsAnd So It Burns
Hexed LyricsDevils on Both Sides
Hunter's Moon LyricsMy Bloodied Wings
In Your Shadow LyricsDevils on Both Sides
Inhuman LyricsMy Bloodied Wings
Intro + Chaos To Murder LyricsAnd So It Burns
It Burns LyricsAnd So It Burns
Keep The Wolves At Bay LyricsPortrait of a Hanged Man
Last Battalion LyricsDevils on Both Sides
My Bloodied Wings LyricsMy Bloodied Wings
My Dominion LyricsAnd So It Burns
My Final Hour LyricsPortrait of a Hanged Man
New Power Rises LyricsFeast for the Hated
Of Weaker Men LyricsWorship
One More Day LyricsMy Bloodied Wings
One Word LyricsPortrait of a Hanged Man
Portrait Of A Hanged Man LyricsPortrait of a Hanged Man
Precious Life LyricsWorship
Redemption LyricsWorship
Scared To Death LyricsPortrait of a Hanged Man
Second Coming LyricsMy Bloodied Wings
Simple Servant LyricsPortrait of a Hanged Man
Spellbound LyricsDevils on Both Sides
Succubus LyricsFeast for the Hated
The Conflict LyricsWorship
The Darkest Of All Secrets LyricsMy Bloodied Wings
The Hit LyricsPortrait of a Hanged Man
The Sick Sense LyricsFeast for the Hated
The Sky Is Falling LyricsWorship
The Way LyricsWorship
Thinning Out The Herd LyricsFeast for the Hated
Throw The Horns LyricsMy Bloodied Wings
Tongue Of Nyx LyricsMy Bloodied Wings
Vigilante LyricsDevils on Both Sides
Voice Of Prejudice LyricsDevils on Both Sides
Waking A Dead Man LyricsFeast for the Hated
Weaken LyricsMy Bloodied Wings
Worship LyricsWorship
Your Creator LyricsFeast for the Hated
Imagika lyrics Video Album

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