Hurts lyrics

Song lyrics by Hurts. Check-out these awesome song lyrics by the artist, learn every word of your favourite song and sing it like Hurts. Get one of the 69 lyrics and watch the video by artist Hurts.
Hurts lyrics

Hurts lyrics Video Album
Affair LyricsHappiness
All I Want For Christmas Is New Year's Day LyricsAll I Want For Christmas Is New Year's Day
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Exile LyricsExile
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Happiness LyricsHappiness
Heaven LyricsExile
Help LyricsExile
Hold On To Me LyricsDesire
I Keep Forgettin (Michael McDonald Cover) LyricsCovers
Illuminated LyricsHappiness
Jeanny (Falco Remix Cover) LyricsCovers
Kaleidoscope LyricsSurrender
Lights LyricsSurrender
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Magnificent LyricsDesire
Mercy LyricsExile
Miracle LyricsExile
Missing (Everything But The Girl Cover) LyricsCovers
Mother Nature LyricsBetter Than Love
Nothing Will Be Bigger Than Us LyricsSurrender
Ohne Dich (Selig Cover) LyricsCovers
Once (Diana Vickers Cover) LyricsCovers
Only You LyricsExile
People Like Us LyricsDesire
Perfect Timing LyricsSurrender
Policewoman LyricsSurrender
Ready To Go LyricsDesire
Rolling Stone LyricsSurrender
S.O.S. LyricsSome Kind Of Heaven
Sandman LyricsExile
Silver Lining LyricsHappiness
Slow LyricsSurrender
Some Kind Of Heaven LyricsSome Kind Of Heaven
Somebody To Die For LyricsExile
Something I Need To Know LyricsDesire
Spotlights LyricsDesire
Stay LyricsHappiness
Sunday LyricsHappiness
Surrender LyricsSurrender
The Crow LyricsExile
The Road LyricsExile
The Rope LyricsExile
The Water LyricsHappiness
Thinking Of You LyricsDesire
Under Control Feat. Calvin Harris, Alesso LyricsUnder Control
Unspoken LyricsHappiness
Verona LyricsHappiness
Wait Up LyricsDesire
Walk Away LyricsDesire
Weight Of The World LyricsSurrender
Wherever You Go LyricsDesire
Why LyricsSurrender
Wings LyricsSurrender
Wish LyricsSurrender
Wonderful Life LyricsHappiness
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Hurts lyrics Video Album

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