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Song lyrics by Holy Blood. Check-out these awesome song lyrics by the artist, learn every word of your favourite song and sing it like Holy Blood. Get one of the 24 lyrics and watch the video by artist Holy Blood.

Holy Blood lyrics Video Album
Baptising Of The Rus LyricsWaves are dancing
Blood Of Christ LyricsThe patriot
Bogatyr Gates In Capital Town In Kiev LyricsThe wanderer
Christmas LyricsShining sun
In The Night Gloom LyricsThe patriot
Intro LyricsWaves are dancing
Kievan Rus LyricsShining sun
Meeting The Sunrise LyricsThe patriot
Morning LyricsThe wanderer
My Fate LyricsShining sun
My Life LyricsShining sun
On The Threshold LyricsShining sun
Outro LyricsWaves are dancing
Pending LyricsShining sun
Shining Sun LyricsShining sun
Sing Wind Sing LyricsShining sun
The Patriot LyricsThe patriot
The Soul Is Singing LyricsShining sun
Thirst To Live In Freedom LyricsThe patriot
Through Expanses LyricsShining sun
War For The Human Souls LyricsThe patriot
Well Tried Faith LyricsThe patriot
Wind Of Death LyricsThe patriot
Wind Of Death (remix) LyricsThe patriot
Holy Blood lyrics Video Album

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