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Song lyrics by Heavens Gate. Check-out these awesome song lyrics by the artist, learn every word of your favourite song and sing it like Heavens Gate. Get one of the 61 lyrics and watch the video by artist Heavens Gate.

Heavens Gate lyrics Video Album
Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life LyricsHell for Sale!
America LyricsHell for Sale!
Animal LyricsPlanet E.
Atomic LyricsHell for Sale!
Back From The Dawn LyricsPlanet E.
Best Days Of My Life LyricsMore Hysteria (EP)
Black Religion LyricsPlanet E.
Breakin' Loose LyricsMenergy
Can't Stop Rockin' LyricsLivin' in Hysteria
Cry It Out LyricsOpen the Gate and Watch (EP)
Dancin' On A Rope LyricsOpen the Gate and Watch (EP)
Don't Bring Me Down LyricsHell for Sale!
Dreamer LyricsMenergy
Dreamland LyricsMenergy
Empty Way To Nowhere LyricsLivin' in Hysteria
Enter: Eternity LyricsMenergy
Evolution LyricsMenergy
Flashes LyricsLivin' in Hysteria
Fredless LyricsLivin' in Hysteria
Gate Of Heaven LyricsLivin' in Hysteria
Glass People LyricsMenergy
He's The Man LyricsHell for Sale!
Hell For Sale! LyricsHell for Sale!
Hot Fever LyricsIn Control
In Control LyricsIn Control
Livin' In Hysteria LyricsLivin' in Hysteria
Looking Back LyricsMenergy
Mastermind LyricsMenergy
Menergy LyricsMenergy
Metal Hymn LyricsMore Hysteria (EP)
No Matter LyricsHell for Sale!
Noah's Dream LyricsPlanet E.
On My Knees LyricsMenergy
On The Edge LyricsPlanet E.
Open The Gate And Watch LyricsOpen the Gate and Watch (EP)
Path Of Glory LyricsIn Control
Pictures In The Mirror LyricsOpen the Gate and Watch (EP)
Planet Earth LyricsPlanet E.
Rebel Yell LyricsPlanet E.
Rising Sun LyricsHell for Sale!
Rock On (David Essex Cover) LyricsOpen the Gate and Watch (EP)
Shadows LyricsIn Control
Sidewalk Sinner LyricsMore Hysteria (EP)
Stars 'n' Stripes LyricsHell for Sale!
Surrender LyricsIn Control
Terminated World LyricsPlanet E.
The Children Play LyricsPlanet E.
The Gate LyricsIn Control
The Neverending Fire LyricsLivin' in Hysteria
Thin, Fake And Bold LyricsMore Hysteria (EP)
This Flight Tonight (Joni Mitchell Cover) LyricsIn Control
This Town Ain't Big Enough For Both Of Us LyricsPlanet E.
Touch The Light LyricsOpen the Gate and Watch (EP)
Turn It Down LyricsIn Control
Tyrants LyricsIn Control
Under Fire LyricsHell for Sale!
Up And Down LyricsHell for Sale!
We Got The Time LyricsLivin' in Hysteria
We Want It All LyricsLivin' in Hysteria
White Evil LyricsHell for Sale!
Worldmachine LyricsMenergy
Heavens Gate lyrics Video Album

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