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Song lyrics by Grand Magus. Check-out these awesome song lyrics by the artist, learn every word of your favourite song and sing it like Grand Magus. Get one of the 75 lyrics and watch the video by artist Grand Magus.

Grand Magus lyrics Video Album
Arv LyricsTriumph and Power
Ashes LyricsWolf's Return
At Midnight They'll Get Wise LyricsHammer of the North
Baptised In Fire LyricsMonument
Beyond Good And Evil LyricsIron Will
Black Hole LyricsGrand Magus
Black Hound Of Vengeance LyricsGrand Magus
Black Sails LyricsHammer of the North
Blodörn LyricsWolf's Return
Blood Oath LyricsWolf's Return
Bond Of Blood LyricsHammer of the North
Born For Battle (Black Dog Of Brocéliande) LyricsSword Songs
Brotherhood Of Sleep LyricsMonument
Chooser Of The Slain (Valfader) LyricsMonument
Coat Of Arms LyricsGrand Magus
Dominator LyricsTriumph and Power
Draksådd LyricsThe Hunt
Every Day There's A Battle To Fight LyricsSword Songs
Fear Is The Key LyricsIron Will
Fight LyricsTriumph and Power
Food Of The Gods LyricsMonument
Forged In Iron - Crowned In Steel LyricsSword Songs
Freja's Choice LyricsSword Songs
Frost And Fire LyricsSword Songs
Gauntlet LyricsGrand Magus
Generator LyricsGrand Magus
Hammer Of The North LyricsHammer of the North
He Who Seeks Shall Find LyricsMonument
Holmgång LyricsTriumph and Power
Hugr LyricsSword Songs
Hämnd LyricsWolf's Return
Hövding LyricsIron Will
I Am The North LyricsIron Will
I, The Jury LyricsHammer of the North
Iron Hand LyricsThe Hunt
Iron Will LyricsIron Will
Järnbörd LyricsWolf's Return
King Slayer LyricsWolf's Return
Last One To Fall LyricsSword Songs
Legion LyricsGrand Magus
Light Hater LyricsWolf's Return
Like The Oar Strikes The Water LyricsIron Will
Lodbrok LyricsGrand Magus
Master Of The Land LyricsSword Songs
Mountain Of Power LyricsGrand Magus
Mountains Be My Throne LyricsHammer of the North
Never Learned LyricsGrand Magus
Nine LyricsWolf's Return
Northern Star LyricsHammer of the North
On Hooves Of Gold LyricsTriumph and Power
Ravens Guide Our Way LyricsHammer of the North
Repay In Kind LyricsWolf's Return
Savage Tales LyricsHammer of the North
Self Deceiver LyricsIron Will
Silver Moon LyricsThe Hunt
Silver Into Steel LyricsIron Will
Son Of The Last Breath Part I: Nattfödd Part .. LyricsThe Hunt
Starlight Slaughter LyricsThe Hunt
Steel Versus Steel LyricsTriumph and Power
Storm King LyricsThe Hunt
Summer Solstice LyricsMonument
Sword Of The Ocean LyricsThe Hunt
The Hammer Will Bite LyricsTriumph and Power
The Hunt LyricsThe Hunt
The Lord Of Lies LyricsHammer of the North
The Naked And The Dead LyricsTriumph and Power
The Shadow Knows LyricsIron Will
Triumph And Power LyricsTriumph and Power
Ulvaskall (Vargr) LyricsMonument
Valhalla Rising LyricsThe Hunt
Varangian LyricsSword Songs
Wheel Of Time LyricsGrand Magus
Wolf's Return LyricsWolf's Return
Wolf's Return Part II LyricsWolf's Return
Ymer LyricsTriumph and Power
Grand Magus lyrics Video Album

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