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Song lyrics by Grailknights. Check-out these awesome song lyrics by the artist, learn every word of your favourite song and sing it like Grailknights. Get one of the 40 lyrics and watch the video by artist Grailknights.

Grailknights lyrics Video Album
A Grailknight's Heart LyricsAcross the Galaxy
Absence Of Gravity LyricsCalling The Choir (2014)
Across The Galaxy LyricsAcross the Galaxy
Alliance LyricsAliance
Anna Lee LyricsCalling The Choir (2014)
Armoured Strength LyricsAcross the Galaxy
Calling The Choir LyricsCalling The Choir (2014)
Der König Von Thule LyricsAliance
Desert Star LyricsCalling The Choir (2014)
Dice With Death LyricsAcross the Galaxy
Echoes Of Wisdom LyricsAliance
End Of The World LyricsCalling The Choir (2014)
Engraved On A Tree Trunk LyricsAcross the Galaxy
Far And Away LyricsCalling The Choir (2014)
Fight Until You Die LyricsReturn to Castle Grailskull
Grailquest Gladiators LyricsAliance
Grails High LyricsAcross the Galaxy
Guardian Angel LyricsAcross the Galaxy
Hail To The Grail LyricsReturn to Castle Grailskull
Holding Out For A Hero LyricsCalling The Choir (2014)
Home At Last (German Version) LyricsReturn to Castle Grailskull
Home At Last (English Version) LyricsReturn to Castle Grailskull
In For The Kill LyricsAliance
Moonlit Masquerade LyricsReturn to Castle Grailskull
Morning Dew LyricsCalling The Choir (2014)
Mortem Obi LyricsAliance
Nameless Grave LyricsAliance
Now Or Nevermore LyricsCalling The Choir (2014)
Prevail LyricsReturn to Castle Grailskull
Raving Storms LyricsReturn to Castle Grailskull
Regicide LyricsAcross the Galaxy
Resist LyricsAcross the Galaxy
Return To Castle Grailskull LyricsReturn to Castle Grailskull
Saniy Fades LyricsAcross the Galaxy
Sea Song LyricsCalling The Choir (2014)
The God´s Force LyricsAcross the Galaxy
The White Raven LyricsAliance
Tranquility's Embrace LyricsAliance
Victorious LyricsCalling The Choir (2014)
When Good Turns Evil LyricsAliance
Grailknights lyrics Video Album

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