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Song lyrics by Goldfrapp. Check-out these awesome song lyrics by the artist, learn every word of your favourite song and sing it like Goldfrapp. Get one of the 66 lyrics and watch the video by artist Goldfrapp.

Goldfrapp lyrics Video Album
"Alvar" LyricsTales of Us
"Annabel" LyricsTales of Us
"Clay" LyricsTales of Us
"Simone" LyricsTales of Us
"Stranger" LyricsTales of Us
"Thea" LyricsTales of Us
"Ulla" LyricsTales of Us
,,Jo" LyricsTales of Us
AE LyricsSeventh Tree
Alive LyricsHead First
Believer LyricsHead First
Black Cherry LyricsBlack Cherry
Caravan Girl LyricsSeventh Tree
Clowns LyricsSeventh Tree
Cologne Cerrone Houdini LyricsSeventh Tree
Crystalline Green LyricsBlack Cherry
Deep Honey LyricsBlack Cherry
Deer Stop LyricsFelt Mountain
Dreaming LyricsHead First
Drew LyricsTales of Us
Eat Yourself LyricsSeventh Tree
Fly Me Away LyricsSupernature
Fly Me Away C2 Remix 4 LyricsWe Are Glitter
Forever LyricsBlack Cherry
Hairy Trees LyricsBlack Cherry
Happiness LyricsSeventh Tree
Head First LyricsHead First
Horse Tears LyricsFelt Mountain
Human LyricsFelt Mountain
Hunt LyricsHead First
I Wanna Life LyricsHead First
Koko LyricsSupernature
Let It Take U LyricsSupernature
Little Birds LyricsSeventh Tree
Lovely 2 C U LyricsSupernature
Lovely 2 C U T Raumschmiere Remix LyricsWe Are Glitter
Lovely Head LyricsFelt Mountain
Monster Love LyricsSeventh Tree
Number 1 LyricsSupernature
Number 1 Alan Braxe Fred Falke Main Remix LyricsWe Are Glitter
Ocean (Remix) Lyrics
Ooh La La LyricsSupernature
Ooh La La Benny Benassi Extended Remix LyricsWe Are Glitter
Paper Bag LyricsFelt Mountain
Pilots LyricsFelt Mountain
Ride A White Horse LyricsSupernature
Ride A White Horse Ewan Pearson Disco Odyssey.. LyricsWe Are Glitter
Ride A White Horse FKEK Vocal Version LyricsWe Are Glitter
Road To Somewhere LyricsSeventh Tree
Rocket LyricsHead First
Satin Chic LyricsSupernature
Satin Chic Bombay Mix By The Shortwave Set LyricsWe Are Glitter
Satin Chic Through The Mystic Mix Dimension 1.. LyricsWe Are Glitter
Shiny And Warm LyricsHead First
Slide In LyricsSupernature
Slide In DFA Remix LyricsWe Are Glitter
Some People LyricsSeventh Tree
Strict Machine LyricsBlack Cherry
Time Out From The World LyricsSupernature
Tiptoe LyricsBlack Cherry
Train LyricsBlack Cherry
Twist LyricsBlack Cherry
U Never Know LyricsSupernature
Utopia LyricsFelt Mountain
We Radiate Lyrics
You Never Know Múm Remix LyricsWe Are Glitter
Goldfrapp lyrics Video Album

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