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Song lyrics by Ghost Town. Check-out these awesome song lyrics by the artist, learn every word of your favourite song and sing it like Ghost Town. Get one of the 64 lyrics and watch the video by artist Ghost Town.

Ghost Town lyrics Video Album
Acid LyricsThe After Party
American Outcast LyricsAmerican Outcast - Single
Black Moon LyricsThe After Party
Broken LyricsBroken - Single
Candles LyricsEvolution
Carnival LyricsThe After Party
Dark Magic LyricsThe After Party (B-Side)
Down LyricsEvolution
Dr. Doctor LyricsParty In The Graveyard
Dr. Doctor (Acoustic) LyricsBare Bones (Acoustic) - EP
Dracula LyricsThe After Party
Dreamer LyricsParty In The Graveyard
Dreamer (Acoustic) LyricsBare Bones (Acoustic) - EP
Evolution LyricsEvolution
Fan Girl LyricsFan Girl - Single
Find Myself LyricsFind Myself - Single
Game Freak LyricsGame Freak - Single
Game Freak (Acoustic) LyricsParty In The Graveyard
Ghost In The Machine (ft. Chris Shelley) LyricsGhost In The Machine (ft. Chris Shelley) - Single
Heroin LyricsHeroin - Single
Hocus Pocus LyricsThe After Party
Human LyricsEvolution
I'm A Disaster LyricsThe After Party
I'm Wasted LyricsParty In The Graveyard
I'm Weird LyricsThe After Party
In Flames LyricsParty In The Graveyard
In Flames (Acoustic) LyricsIn Flames (Acoustic) - Single
Interlude LyricsEvolution
Internet Pirates LyricsEvolution
Let Go LyricsEvolution
Lonely LyricsThe After Party (B-Side)
Loner LyricsEvolution
Low LyricsLow - Single
Mama (My Chemical Romance Cover) LyricsRock Sound Presents: The Black Parade Tribute
Massacre LyricsMassacre - Single
Mean Kids LyricsEvolution
Monster LyricsParty In The Graveyard
Monster (Acoustic) LyricsMonster (Acoustic) - Single
My Last Thought LyricsThe After Party (B-Side)
Off With Her Head LyricsParty In The Graveyard
Off With Her Head (Acoustic) LyricsOff With Her Head (Acoustic) - Single
Out Alive LyricsEvolution
Paranormal Love LyricsParanormal Love - Single
Party In The Graveyard LyricsParty In The Graveyard
Skeleton LyricsParty In The Graveyard
Skeleton (Acoustic) LyricsBare Bones (Acoustic) - EP
Spark LyricsEvolution
Tentacles LyricsParty In The Graveyard
Tentacles (Acoustic) LyricsTentacles (Acoustic) - Single
That's Unusual (Jump) LyricsThe After Party
These Illusions Are My Latest Addiction LyricsThese Illusions Are My Latest Addiction - Single
Tiny Pieces LyricsTiny Pieces - Single
Trick Or Treat LyricsParty In The Graveyard
Trick Or Treat Part. 2 LyricsTrick Or Treat Part. 2 - Single
Under Wraps LyricsThe After Party
Universe LyricsParty In The Graveyard
Universe (Acoustic) LyricsUniverse (Acoustic) - Single
Voodoo LyricsParty In The Graveyard
Voodoo (Acoustic) LyricsBare Bones (Acoustic) - EP
W.F.F. LyricsThe After Party
You Don't Know Me LyricsYou Don't Know Me - Single
You're So Creepy LyricsThe After Party
You're So Creepy (Acoustic) LyricsBare Bones (Acoustic) - EP
Zombie Girl LyricsZombie Girl - Single
Ghost Town lyrics Video Album

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