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Song lyrics by Fu Manchu. Check-out these awesome song lyrics by the artist, learn every word of your favourite song and sing it like Fu Manchu. Get one of the 102 lyrics and watch the video by artist Fu Manchu.

Fu Manchu lyrics Video Album
Ampn' LyricsCalifornia Crossing
Anodizer LyricsThe Action Is Go
Anxiety Reducer LyricsGigantoid
Asphalt Risin' LyricsIn Search Of...
Between The Lines LyricsWe Must Obey
Blue Tile Fever LyricsKing of the Road
Boogie Van LyricsKing of the Road
Breathing Fire LyricsKing of the Road
Bultaco LyricsCalifornia Crossing
Burning Road LyricsThe Action Is Go
California Crossing LyricsCalifornia Crossing
Chevy Van (Sammy Johns Cover) LyricsIn Search Of...
Coyote Duster LyricsDaredevil
Cyclone Launch LyricsIn Search Of...
Didn't Really Try LyricsWe Must Obey
Downtown In Dogtown LyricsCalifornia Crossing
Eatin' Dust LyricsEatin' Dust
Egor LyricsDaredevil
Evil Eye LyricsThe Action Is Go
Free And Easy (Summer Girls) LyricsNo One Rides for Free
Freedom Of Choice (Devo Cover) LyricsKing of the Road
Gathering Speed LyricsDaredevil
Godzilla (Blue Öyster Cult Cover) LyricsEatin' Dust
Grasschopper LyricsKing of the Road
Grendel, Snowman LyricsThe Action Is Go
Guardrail LyricsThe Action Is Go
Hang On LyricsCalifornia Crossing
Hell On Wheels LyricsKing of the Road
Hey LyricsStart the Machine
Hogwash LyricsThe Action Is Go
Hotdoggin' LyricsKing of the Road
Hung Out To Dry LyricsWe Must Obey
I Can't Hear You LyricsStart the Machine
I Wanna Be LyricsStart the Machine
I'm Gettin' Away LyricsStart the Machine
Invaders On My Back LyricsGigantoid
It's All The Same LyricsStart the Machine
King Of The Road LyricsKing of the Road
Knew It All Along LyricsWe Must Obey
Land Of Giants LyricsWe Must Obey
Laserbl'ast! LyricsThe Action Is Go
Lesson LyricsWe Must Obey
Let Me Out LyricsWe Must Obey
Living Legend LyricsEatin' Dust
Lug LyricsDaredevil
Make Them Believe LyricsStart the Machine
Mega-Bumpers LyricsNo One Rides for Free
Missing Link LyricsIn Search Of...
Module Overload LyricsEatin' Dust
Mongoose LyricsCalifornia Crossing
Moving In Stereo (the Cars Cover) LyricsWe Must Obey
Neptune's Convoy LyricsIn Search Of...
Never Again LyricsWe Must Obey
No Dice LyricsKing of the Road
Nothing Done (SSD Cover) LyricsThe Action Is Go
Ojo Rojo LyricsNo One Rides for Free
Open Your Eyes LyricsStart the Machine
Orbiter LyricsEatin' Dust
Out To Sea LyricsStart the Machine
Over The Edge LyricsKing of the Road
Pigeon Toe LyricsEatin' Dust
Push Button Magic LyricsDaredevil
Redline LyricsIn Search Of...
Regal Begal LyricsIn Search Of...
Saturn III LyricsThe Action Is Go
Seahag LyricsIn Search Of...
Sensei Vs. Sensei LyricsWe Must Obey
Separate Kingdom LyricsCalifornia Crossing
Shake It Loose LyricsWe Must Obey
Shift Kicker LyricsEatin' Dust
Shine It On LyricsNo One Rides for Free
Show And Shine LyricsNo One Rides for Free
Sleestak LyricsDaredevil
Snakebellies LyricsNo One Rides for Free
Solid Hex LyricsIn Search Of...
Space Farm LyricsDaredevil
Squash That Fly LyricsCalifornia Crossing
Strato-Streak LyricsIn Search Of...
Strolling Astronomer LyricsThe Action Is Go
Superbird LyricsNo One Rides for Free
Supershooter LyricsIn Search Of...
Take It Away LyricsSigns of Infinite Power
The Action Is Go LyricsThe Action Is Go
The Bargain LyricsIn Search Of...
The Falcon Has Landed LyricsIn Search Of...
The Wasteoid LyricsCalifornia Crossing
Thinking Out Loud LyricsCalifornia Crossing
Tilt LyricsDaredevil
Time To Fly LyricsNo One Rides for Free
Today's Too Soon LyricsStart the Machine
Trackside Hoax LyricsThe Action Is Go
Trapeze Freak LyricsDaredevil
Travel Agent LyricsDaredevil
Tunnel Vision LyricsStart the Machine
Understand LyricsStart the Machine
Unknown World LyricsThe Action Is Go
Urethane LyricsThe Action Is Go
We Must Obey LyricsWe Must Obey
Weird Beard LyricsKing of the Road
Wiz Kid LyricsCalifornia Crossing
Written In Stone LyricsStart the Machine
Wurkin' LyricsDaredevil
Fu Manchu lyrics Video Album

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