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Song lyrics by Fozzy. Check-out these awesome song lyrics by the artist, learn every word of your favourite song and sing it like Fozzy. Get one of the 64 lyrics and watch the video by artist Fozzy.

Fozzy lyrics Video Album
A Passed Life LyricsSin And Bones
All That Remains LyricsAll That Remains
Bad Tattoo LyricsDo You Wanna Start a War
Balls To The Wall (Accept Cover) LyricsHappenstance
Big City Nights (Scorpions Cover) LyricsHappenstance
Blackout (Scorpions Cover) LyricsFozzy
Blood Happens LyricsSin And Bones
Born Of Anger Feat. Marty Friedman LyricsAll That Remains
Brides Of Fire LyricsDo You Wanna Start a War
Broken Soul LyricsChasing the Grail
Crucify Yourself LyricsHappenstance
Dark Passenger LyricsSin And Bones
Daze Of The Week LyricsAll That Remains
Died With You LyricsDo You Wanna Start a War
Do You Wanna Start A War LyricsDo You Wanna Start a War
Eat The Rich (Krokus Cover) LyricsFozzy
End Of Days LyricsFozzy
Enemy LyricsAll That Remains
Feel The Burn LyricsFozzy
Freewheel Burning LyricsHappenstance
God Pounds His Nails LyricsChasing the Grail
Grail LyricsChasing the Grail
Happenstance LyricsHappenstance
Inside My Head LyricsSin And Bones
It's A Lie Feat. Bone Crusher LyricsAll That Remains
L.O.V.E. Machine (W.A.S.P Cover) LyricsHappenstance
Lazarus LyricsAll That Remains
Let The Madness Begin LyricsChasing the Grail
Lights Go Out LyricsDo You Wanna Start a War
Live Wire (Mötley Crüe Cover) LyricsFozzy
Martyr No More LyricsChasing the Grail
Nameless Faceless Feat. Myles Kennedy LyricsAll That Remains
New Day's Dawn LyricsChasing the Grail
No Good Way LyricsDo You Wanna Start a War
One Crazed Anarchist LyricsDo You Wanna Start a War
Over The Mountain (Ozzy Osbourne Cover) LyricsFozzy
Paraskavedekatriaphobia LyricsChasing the Grail
Pray For Blood LyricsChasing the Grail
Revival LyricsChasing the Grail
Riding On The Wind (Judas Priest Cover) LyricsFozzy
S.O.S. (ABBA Cover) LyricsDo You Wanna Start a War
Sandpaper Feat. M. Shadows LyricsSin And Bones
Scarecrow LyricsDo You Wanna Start a War
She's My Addiction Feat. Phil Campbell LyricsSin And Bones
Shine Forever LyricsSin And Bones
Sin And Bones LyricsSin And Bones
Spider In My Mouth LyricsSin And Bones
Stand Up And Shout (Dio Cover) LyricsFozzy
Stay Hungry (Twisted Sister Cover) LyricsFozzy
Storm The Beaches LyricsSin And Bones
The Mob Rules (Black Sabbath Cover) LyricsHappenstance
The Prisoner (Iron Maiden Cover) LyricsFozzy
The Test LyricsAll That Remains
The Way I Am Feat. Mark Tremonti LyricsAll That Remains
To Kill A Stranger LyricsHappenstance
Tonight Feat. Michael Starr LyricsDo You Wanna Start a War
Under Blackened Skies LyricsChasing the Grail
Unstoppable Feat. Christie Cook LyricsDo You Wanna Start a War
Wanderlust Feat. Zakk Wylde LyricsAll That Remains
Watch Me Shine LyricsChasing the Grail
Where Eagles Dare (Iron Maiden Cover) LyricsHappenstance
Witchery LyricsDo You Wanna Start a War
With The Fire LyricsHappenstance
Wormwood LyricsChasing the Grail
Fozzy lyrics Video Album

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